Building healthcare management capacity in Africa

Assessed and supported African businesss schools to deliver management development program for healthcare professionals

In 2011, GBSN was issued a grant from Johnson & Johnson to be used for three activities in support of strengthening health management in Sub-Saharan Africa. The three activities consisted of sponsorship for a workshop on health management as part of GBSN’s annual conference; support for African participants to attend the GBSN annual conference; and laying the groundwork for the development of African case studies for use in Johnson & Johnson’s health management programs.

GBSN worked with Johnson & Johnson to set up a framework for the development of case studies to be used in health management training programs.

These case studies were to be based on health organizations in Africa or other parts of the developing world in order to introduce contextually relevant issues to Johnson & Johnson programs such as the Management Development Institute.

In addition to developing the framework for case writing activities, GBSN teamed up with the Anderson School of Business at UCLA to develop the first set of case studies for the MDI program. Victor Tabbush, professor at UCLA and Director of the MDI program, identified a team of Anderson MBA students who worked with GBSN and the African MDI partners to develop three or four case studies. These case studies were based on organizations in Ghana and South Africa and were written in a way so as to be useful in the MDI program as well as relevant to a broader audience of business school faculty engaged in health management training.

Once the cases were drafted, along with the teaching note that will guide other faculty on using the case in class, they were reviewed by GBSN’s case reviewers. These case reviewers include professors from Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley), Fuqua School of Business (Duke), and IESE. After the reviewers gave their feedback, the cases were finalized. GBSN made them widely available to network members and other program partners.