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Woxsen Kavach – A Women Empowerment Project

Woxsen initiative for women empowerment aims at giving aid, support and service to women who are victims of various forms of violence and abuse. This is a remarkable contribution to society where Woxsen contributes to the upliftment of women in the vicinity, coming out of the era of abuse and help them in shaping their life.

Women who face violence and abuse needs different kind of aid depending on the type of relief they want. The team tried to categorize these needs according to the penal code of their complaint. The initiative for giving free legal advice and counselling got a very overwhelming response on the first day with 3 counselling sessions. One was of a domestic violence victim who was clueless about the course of action and was in a state of fear and depression and had come with all bruises and cut marks. The second case was of child marriage where a 14-year-old was married and was being sexually abused at her in law’s place. The third was also minor who had eloped and taken into destitute home and wanted moral and skill building support for livelihood.

The project works in collaboration with Sakhi Center which takes of cases of Domestic violence , child marriage and sexual abuse. And Bharosa center which takes care of Rape cases and POSCO. We had a meeting with lawyers, women police, counsellors along with the head of Child and women welfare commission, who was happy to see Woxsen taking initiative for social welfare and have extended their support in the noble cause.