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AUC School of Business Students Emerge Victorious in Unilever’s Global Future Leaders League Competition

Three students from The American University in Cairo’s (AUC) School of Business-Rawan El Sisy, Hania Mohamed and Celina Tadros – recently entered and won the renowned Unilever student competition “Future Leaders League”, a business case study-based program over two years that awards those that pitch the best business plan ideas.The girls competed under the name “Creatives Crew”, in what was the 11th edition of the program, as they passed all three rounds of the competition by successfully pitching full business plan ideas for three Unilever brands. The team chose Dove, Tresemme and Axe, respectively.

Rawan El Sisy, business marketing major, shared her personal reflection, “I never understood the meaning of what hard work pays off truly means if it weren’t for this experience. Each round we were faced with new challenges that helped us get out of our comfort zones, link the theories I was taught in my marketing courses at AUC with practice and explore different parts of our capabilities.”

She continued, “We always wanted to stay true to the business objective, the brand and the most important consumer driven insights. This was our formula for success and we always said that no matter what happens, we owe ourselves to own our presentations/pitches and show people with passion how our ideas work. This experience has helped shape our perspective in life and definitely gave us more confidence in ourselves.” The final round took place in London on July 12-13th, as the team overcame 17 other nations to become the first team from the MENA region to win the competition.