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GSERM 2023 Reflection

The below reflection was written by a GSERM scholarship recipient. To learn more about GSERM’s programming, visit the GSERM page here.

My name is Edwin Obonyo, a Doctoral Student in Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Strathmore University Business School. I recently enrolled for two courses, Case study Methods by Prof Bennett and Regression Analysis II by Prof Tim McDaniel at GSERM in University of St Gallen. Case study methods exposed me to a diverse group of Ph.D. students from every business field. It was interesting getting feedback from a political science perspective. The diversity of perspectives enriched the discussions and allowed us to consider different angles when approaching case studies. Regression Analysis II with Prof McDaniel was a standout experience. He expertly simplified complex concepts, making them easy to grasp. We explored the benefits and challenges of using regression analysis in research studies, deepening our understanding of this analytical tool A prominent theme for both courses was the growing importance of the research methodologies. We discussed the current state of the art use of the methodologies and how they could be applied in our respective PhD research which allowed participants to interact, exchange ideas and explore areas of collaboration. The GSERM summer school was really inspiring leaving me with key takeaways and reflections. Interacting with Ph.D. students and industry professionals from around the world allowed for engaging discussions and proper feedback from the Professors Beyond the academic aspect, the beauty of St Gallen with my classmates and new friends left a lasting impression. Exploring the city’s nature and hills, visiting the charming city square was fantastic. It has breathtaking trails all the way up the hills. St Gallen is home to fantastic cafes and restaurants rich with Swiss delicacies. The nature and culinary delights made my visit an unforgettable experience.

Edwin & classmates in Regression Analysis II
Edwin Obonyo and Professor Tim McDaniel