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GSERM 2023 Reflection

The below reflection was written by a GSERM scholarship recipient. To learn more about GSERM’s programming, visit the GSERM page here.

I was elated when my GBSN scholarship application for tuition fees to attend GSERM 2023 was successful. I had been struggling with multilevel SEM and moderated mediation analysis and I knew that my chance to get help was here. My trip to Switzerland was smooth and I landed in Zurich. I had all instructions about how to access the train station and buy a ticket written down by Dr. Mumbi Maria who is my colleague in Strathmore but studied for her PhD in UNSG. Thanks to her I found it easy. The timeliness of the trains sparked a dream in me that one day we shall have the same reliability in public transport in Kenya!

My first course was Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis I. Prof. Amanda Montoya was fantastic in the delivery! I really benefited from this course and the daily assignments reinforced the content in my mind. My second course was Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling with R. Prof. Raykov Tenko delivered it in a relatable manner. Most data we as researchers work with is multilevel data only that some choose to ignore that fact! Outside the classroom I enjoyed the city tour. I am naturally an inquisitive person who loves history and taking note of wondrous times. I enjoyed the textile trail where I learnt about Eastern Switzerland textile industry. A visit to Appenzel was great. I enjoyed learning about the reforms and humanitarian practices of Joachim Vadian alongside a visit to his statue.

Faith at Appenzel Hampi Fassler Store in Switzerland

As a leadership researcher, it was very important knowledge. I enjoyed the great architecture in St. Gallen including UNSG’s square building which is an amazing glass building designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto which I could identify all the way from Drei Weieren (3 ponds). Overall, I loved the experience and am helping my colleagues to apply for experience this too!