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5 Tips on How to Thrive in a Virtual Classroom

What does it take to thrive in a virtual classroom? At the William Davidson Institute, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to explore this question in the past couple of years, as our Global Virtual Learning Center has been busily running online management programs. Even pre-Covid, we were running many virtual programs — the pandemic put that into high gear. Here are some things that will help students in online programs, based on our experiences.

MBS Developed its Own Sustainable Development Goal Challenge in 2021!

From March 31st to April 16th , 2021, MBS’ “Communication and Organizing for Sustainability Transformations” (COAST) Chair, held by Dr. Helen Etchanchu and Dr. Domenico Dentoni organized the first MBS SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) Challenge, in partnership with the associations “I love Planet” and “la Fresque du climat” (the Climate Fresk). This educational event brought… Read more >

Masters and PGDip in African Energy Leadership Information Session

Wits Business School offers the only postgraduate programs of their kind on the Africa continent that focus on leadership in the energy space. These programs have been developed by the African Energy Leadership Centre (AELC) at Wits Business School and are based on the very latest research in the field. The time is now to develop the next generation of leaders in energy – an industry that is critical to Africa’s sustainable growth! Find out more at our upcoming Information Session.

Austin’s Five Forces Model for Transformation

New beginnings (such as the current pandemic) bring about opportunities for transformation if we suppress current realities and augment possibilities. This enables us to adopt agile strategies to create new systems which then become our new realities. I have codified below, the relation between Transformation, Vision, Team, Time, Resources and Resolve in a model which… Read more >