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MBS Developed its Own Sustainable Development Goal Challenge in 2021!

From March 31st to April 16th , 2021, MBS’ “Communication and Organizing for Sustainability Transformations” (COAST) Chair, held by Dr. Helen Etchanchu and Dr. Domenico Dentoni organized the first MBS SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) Challenge, in partnership with the associations “I love Planet” and “la Fresque du climat” (the Climate Fresk).

This educational event brought together 600 students from MBS’s Bachelor and Grande Ecole programmes with the aim of taking up the challenges of the economic, ecological and societal transition. The SDG Challenge started with the Climate Fresk workshop which enabled students to understand the systemic issues of sustainable transformation and to get a sense of the scope of the solutions to be put in place. They then worked in teams to design a concrete organisational solution in the form of a sustainable business plan to solve one of the problems of the Occitanie region, in line with the SDGs.

During the Grand Final on April 16th , the student teams presented their projects to a jury of transition experts who elected the three best projects. The MBS community awarded the public prize.To inspire the students in their search for solutions to drive change, MBS had invited a large number of committed environmental, associative and economic personalities to participate.In parallel to this event, an important action-research project is being carried out with the COAST Chair to measure and improve the impact of the Climate Fresk workshops on students’ climate attitudes and actions, in a process of continuous improvement of the training.

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