Call for Contributions

Call for Contributions

GBSN, together with ESCA Ecole de Management and the Summit’s Steering Committee, call for your contribution to this exciting international forum, addressing and exploring innovative models for entrepreneurship education.  

This invitation goes out to faculty members, education practitioners, researchers and stakeholders interested in the impact and influence of business education on the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Applicants are invited to submit a proposal addressing one of the following five (5) areas:


Session Format: Panel presentations of 2 to 4 speakers featuring first hand experiences, case studies, best practices and research in a focused presentation followed by audience Q&A. 1hr.15mins.

Session Description:

(a)    A first-person analysis of success and/or failure stories of regional entrepreneurs and investors, and understanding the current and changing landscape of entrepreneurship in the region. Looking into lessons learned, what entrepreneurs wished they had known before embarking in their ventures and the key issues they face as they establish and grow their businesses.

(b)    Educators sharing innovative approaches to entrepreneurship education that respond to changing regional contexts and the experience and lessons learned in developing and teaching those programs.

(c)    Academic analysis of management practices critical to entrepreneurship and start-ups.

Proposals in this category should identify the entrepreneurs and/or investors involved, if possible, and provide a critical look into how business education can better respond to the challenges of entrepreneurship and engage with investors and other stakeholders. Proposals in this category should inspire concrete curriculum adaptation.


Session Format: Interactive and hands-on workshop that engages participants with peer-learning activities and training in the use of innovative methods, tools and applications. 1hr.

Session Description:

a)     Spotlights programs that teach entrepreneurship using innovative pedagogy, teaching tools and program design to be effective in their unique contexts. Provide detailed breakdown of operations and challenges faced, and discuss how results are evaluated.

b)     Comparative analysis on how these new methodologies may apply to the MENA/West Africa region or emerging economy context in general.

Proposals in this category should apply learning design workshop methodology to help turn ideas into action. Proposals in this category should explore practices that help educators and business schools to empower students to develop into entrepreneurs.


Session Format: Panel presentations of 2 to 4 speakers sharing best practices, research and implementation of women entrepreneurship programs followed by audience Q&A. 1hr 15mins.

Session Description:

a)     Explore education practices and programs that creatively and effectively support women’s entrepreneurship and lead to higher levels of success and sustainability.

Proposals in this category should include the importance and impact of women role models and mentors, and how business schools can compensate for the limited availability of these entrepreneurs to participate in programs.


Session Format: Panel presentations of 2 to 4 speakers sharing best practices, research or implementation followed by audience Q&A. 1hr 15 mins.

Session Description:

a)     Teaching social entrepreneurship in a regional context: Identify and analyze the key competencies that educators can incorporate into their curriculum to foster ventures that promote social inclusion and impact broader development goals, while honoring the demands and priorities of entrepreneurs in the region.

Proposals in this category should also explore the influence of the SDGs, impact investments and microfinance.


Session Format: Panel presentations of 2 to 4 speakers sharing best practices followed by audience Q&A. 1hr 15mins.

Session Description:

a)     Explore effective teaching frameworks that best convey the nature, importance and complexities of family business in a regional context, including issues of governance, continuity and management practices for leading family-owned businesses.

General Information

  • All Proposals should be submitted through GBSN’s online system by February 28th, 2018.
  • Applicants will receive information about the status of their submission from GBSN by March 9th, 2018, at which point additional information and interviews may be requested.
  • GBSN Membership is not required to submit an application; however, special consideration will be given to proposals that include faculty or staff of GBSN Member Schools.
  • Schools and organizations that have not presented at or attended a GBSN conference or summit in the past are strongly encouraged to submit proposals.
  • All Summit speakers are requested to ensure sufficient funds to pay for their flight, their accommodation and their registration fee. GBSN will provide a code for a significant discount on registration.
  • French proposals are welcomed and presentations can be in French or English. GBSN will provide translation.
  • The GBSN Summit does not provide a peer-review process for research or publication. Research, cases or other publications that are submitted should have practical relevance to the selected topic and do not have to be exclusive to this summit.

Submitting a Proposal

Applicants may submit one (1) proposal to be considered for a full summit session.

Answers must be typed or pasted into the boxes provided in the online form. Please clearly describe the topic proposed, the format of the session, the panelists involved and how they will contribute to the overarching goal of the summit. Note that there is a 250-word limit for all short-answer questions with the exception of the title of your proposal, which has a 15-word limit. Applicants are encouraged to be specific and concise.

Submissions must include:

  • Name and Contact information for the Point of Contact for the submission (does not necessarily need to be the lead presenter)
  • Name, title, institution and contact information for all proposed presenters/facilitators (up to 3)
  • Overview of the content of the session (250 word limit)
  • Description of the interactive structure of your session and how you will meaningfully engage participants (250 word limit)

The following additional fields will be required for the areas below:

  1.  Topics and emerging issues for entrepreneurs that are important for educators to address:
    ·  Topic or emerging issues and why you believe these are important (250 word limit)
  2. Innovative pedagogy, teaching tools or program design:  

· Describe the innovative pedagogy, teaching tools or program design (250 word limit)

· Explain the “innovative” aspect of the proposed methodology (250 word limit)

· Provide an overview of the format of your proposed workshop

Proposal Review Process

  • GBSN will conduct an initial review of all proposals received to ensure submissions are complete and aligned to the chosen topic.
  • Proposals will then be reviewed by the Summit’s Steering Committee composed of academicians and practitioners in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • The Summit’s Steering Committee will determine if the proposal is sound in terms of concept, presenters, purpose and contribution to teaching entrepreneurship.
  • GBSN and the Steering Committee reserve the right to recommend changes to submissions and/or presenters. 

For questions regarding the summit or application procedures please email Fabienne Jolivert at or call +1.202.628.9043.