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Equipping Tomorrow’s Leaders with the China Depth & Global Breadth

It has become a cliché to say that we live in challenging times, but behind every cliché is a certain amount of truth. It is undeniable that the world is changing, and against the background of a volatile world, business schools have a unique role to play. It is in times of uncertainty that many choose to take the time to invest in themselves and their future, adding to their skillset in order to prepare themselves for whatever may be around the corner. 

In times such as these, when many are driven to ask how they will be best served to ready themselves for upcoming challenges, one thing is crystal clear – that however the world of business changes in the future, China will play a central role. 

Much has been said of the “decoupling” or “de-risking” of the Chinese and Western economies. But, contrary to what many may think, the new contours of this relationship mean that a deeper understanding of China as it relates to the rest of the world is even more, not less, important. 

China is unavoidable as a partner and competitor, and a deep knowledge of the country is therefore an absolute necessity for tomorrow’s business leaders. Since its foundation in 1994, imparting this knowledge has been the central mission that drives the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). With campuses across China, Europe and Africa and a focus on providing China knowledge to international students (and vice versa), CEIBS is perfectly placed to help participants develop this essential understanding. Our consistently high placement on international rankings, meanwhile, has cemented our position as a premier destination for business education in Asia and worldwide – in 2022 our MBA programme was ranked #1 in Asia and #20 in the world by Financial Times, with our EMBA has ranked #2 globally.  

China Depth, Global Breadth

CEIBS’s mission of delivering “China Depth, Global Breadth” nicely captures what we offer to our students. For those looking to bolster their knowledge of China in preparation for the next stage of their business career, there is no substitute for being on the ground, getting out there to experience China’s unique business environment firsthand and meet the people driving its economy and innovation face to face. 

China and Chinese companies have a huge amount to offer the international community, but a lack of communication and a lack of understanding mean that those without specialist knowledge can easily miss out on this opportunity. It’s for this reason that developing real China depth is a guaranteed way for individuals to provide their future companies and communities with genuine value. 

With our core campus in Shanghai alongside campuses in Beijing, Shenzhen, Zurich, and Accra, CEIBS offers MBA and Global EMBA students a chance unlike any other to get to grips with China and the rest of the world. Not only will they spend time living and studying in the country’s major financial hub, but they will also go on numerous visits to Chinese companies and spend time studying Mandarin. All this while being taught a China-focused curriculum by Chinese and international experts in their fields. 

Through this unique position as a connector of the Western and Chinese business worlds, it’s our goal for our participants to build a deep knowledge of China and to disseminate Chinese management knowledge throughout the world. 

Professor Dominique Turpan, CEIBS President (European) & Professor of Marketing

Educating responsible, curious, and diverse leaders

Of course, when it comes to nurturing talent, we must also look to the less measurable but no less important qualities that effective business leaders must possess. At CEIBS, we aim to educate leaders that are responsible and forward-thinking, be it through our focus on the soft skills of management as well as technical knowledge or through our ever-growing ESG initiatives, which form a core part of our mission and grow in scope year on year. 

We also believe it is vital for students to maintain their intellectual curiosity and a sense of wonder about the world. CEIBS’ MBA and Global EMBA programmes develop this not only by allowing participants to experience and develop an understanding of China, but by giving them exposure to a wider range of ideas and viewpoints, aided by an international faculty, student body, and alumni network. Modules abroad and extensive global exchange opportunities also provide the perfect opportunity for our students to broaden their horizons. 

Our five campuses around the world play an important role in this sense of diversity and adventure. Our Accra campus, for example, not only allows us to meet and recruit aspiring students from the African continent, but also allows our students from other campuses to visit for modules, learning from the local faculty and gaining a better understanding of the business landscape in a region that is too often overlooked.

A bridge between China and the world

As vital as China and global exposure is to any aspiring global business leader’s further education, it must be paired with world-class resources that deliver the highest global standards. This is another major advantage that CEIBS is proud to provide. We are not just the only international business school to offer real China depth; we are also the only Chinese business school to offer global breadth. 

What does global breadth mean to the next generation of business talents? We believe it means access to a top-class international faculty and a dynamic, diverse student body and alumni network. As is reflected in our official rankings, this is what CEIBS delivers – a world-beating programme delivered by top faculty, giving us the ability to consistently attract top talent from across the globe. While our unique ability to provide hands-on China knowledge is what sets us apart, our global network and expertise are what allows us to consistently be ranked among the top business schools in Asia and the world.

Students deserve an education that will equip them not just for the challenges of today, but the challenges of tomorrow as well. That means reckoning with the importance of China and developing an understanding of a global business world that, despite the moment’s geopolitical trends, will remain deeply interconnected. 

We believe that communication between countries, industries, and people is key to success in the business world of the future. In offering our students a transformational learning journey that is anchored in China, CEIBS offers the business talents of tomorrow the chance to facilitate and embody that connection.