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Recent News from ESSEC Business School

Responsible Finance and Accounting Performance and Profit for Better Business, Society and Planet

In this book, leading researchers and practitioners in the field of corporate social responsibility, from the schools and corporate partners of the Council on Business & Society, give you key insights into green finance and social and environmental reporting, national, international and corporate stakes in green taxonomy and carbon tax, and triple capital accounting. It also details how to model effective and low-cost social impact reporting, ethics in finance and accounting, and strategies for microfinance and finance-related social innovation. Each insight is accompanied by key takeaways, food for thought, and micro-case study sections.

Global Voice Magazine #27: Cool Down – The Heat is On

Three sections feature in this GV#27 that take into account the modern and responsible organisation. First, Leadership & Management, covering topics drawn from top research into workplace psychology, corporate and global tax, how peer pressure can boost CSR policy, and measuring the emotional and social value of an enterprise, among others.​Section Two focuses on Business & Society, from solidarity fintech, gender equality, the impact of AI on jobs, and a look through the marketing lens to understand why – and why not – consumers buy green apparel.​And finally, Section 3 hits at the heart of the matter that has seen so many countries faced with climate change challenges this year – Sustainability.

Our research insights tackle the following: How can we bring all the different pathways towards a global lower-carbon economy together for impact? What effect does cryptocurrency have on the environment? How can education play a key and more effective role in climate action? And what is triple capital accounting and will it be a game-changer?