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2023 EFMD Annual Conference

Business schools steer a difficult course in navigating the fog caused by a disrupted environment and an unprecedented demand to align values with societal demands and a new generation of students. In this time of change, it is helpful for industry professionals to join forces and navigate their way towards a future-proof transformation.

The EFMD Annual Conference gathers several hundred members of the management education community to tackle burning subjects such as the impact of globalisation, collaborative research, creative leadership and digital learning strategies. Over two days, professionals in different administrative and managerial positions from all over the world participate in a dynamic learning and networking event that helps them move towards impactful business education.

This forum for learning and interaction will allow us to collectively generate ideas on how to address current and future challenges and contribute actively to a better future. Topics include:

  • climate leadership instead of greenwashing;
  • defending the values of an open society;
  • dealing with threats to the internationalisation agenda;
  • research that matters: best practice examples of scholarly impact.

Numerous networking opportunities will allow you to take advantage of our vibrant community of business education experts from across the world.

As a special incentive, you will be able to benefit from our early bird rate if you register by 15 February. We invite you to check the full conference programme on the EFMD website.