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Career with Social Impact: Solving Regional & Global Challenges


Tuesday, 1 March 2022

11:00 AM / 16:00 GMT



Have you ever thought about a career in an international non-governmental organization? Independent global organizations like the World Economic Forum are dedicated to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in the business, political and cultural spheres.

A role in the World Economic Forum would give you the unique opportunity to be a part of projects that involve collaboration with different stakeholders across different regions to deliver projects and own initiatives that make a real difference by solving regional and global challenges.

In this session with Mahmoud Jabari, Community Manager, Africa & Middle East, at the World Economic Forum will discuss his career journey, experience, background. He’ll tell you how he was able to land a job at one of the world’s most well known non-governmental organizations. He’ll share his advice and tips for students and recent grads and talk about what he does on a daily basis, what his career path has been and what his career trajectory could look like. Gain insights through someone who actually works in the field and develop a deeper understanding of whether a role in economic and international development is right for you.

About Mahmoud Jabari:

Mahmoud Jabari is an accomplished young professional who works across sectors, regions and platforms to shape regional collaboration and inform public policy agendas. His professional expertise includes private sector diplomacy, public-private partnerships and strategic communication. At the World Economic Forum, he works with government and business leaders in Africa and the Middle East to amplify their impact and bring their expertise to new communities. He spearheaded the Forum’s engagement in Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee Camp, including the planning and implementation of the first-ever Executive Leadership Education Module in 2019. Prior to the Forum, Mahmoud was an Economic Development Associate at the Jerusalem-based Quartet Mission where he managed political and economic engagement to inform the product development of an economic mapping platform. He has spoken at the Annual Conference of the US World Affairs Councils, TEDx Tufts and TEDx Teen New York City.