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Localized: Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets


Sunday 16 January 2022

1:00 PM / 18:00 GMT



Emerging markets present plenty of problems to be solved which creates opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. While there’s no lack of opportunities, there’s lack of resources and access to funds and mentors. These are some of the challenges that entrepreneurs face in emerging economies.

In this session with Kalsoom Lakhani, Co-founder and General Partner at i2i Ventures, we will discuss what inspires entrepreneurs, what challenges them, and some of the creative ways they deal with uncertainties.

Join us to learn:

  • Going from an idea to a product
  • Clearly defining your solution and customers
  • Navigating regulations and policies in emerging markets
  • Securing funds and investments
  • Common challenges entrepreneurs face in emerging markets and how to overcome them

About Kalsoom:

Kalsoom is the Co-founder & General Partner at i2i Ventures, an early stage VC fund for Pakistan, and the country’s first female-founded VC fund. Prior to opening the doors to i2i Ventures in 2019, Kalsoom was the Founder of Invest2Innovate, i2i Ventures’ sister entity, which she founded in 2011 to support and unleash the potential of young entrepreneurs in growth markets like Pakistan. She has trained young entrepreneurs, changemakers, and civil society leaders in Kosovo, Nepal, Cambodia, Ireland, Bangladesh, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, and has spoken at numerous venues, including the World Economic Forum, Aspen Ideas Festival, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. State Department, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, and SXSW. Kalsoom is currently a nonresident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and serves on the Board of the American Pakistan Foundation.

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