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Fireside Chat Hosted by MIT REAP: Supporting Startup Ecosystems through Policy: The Nigeria Startup Bill  

Date/time: Thurs, Oct 6, 12:30-2 pm (EDT)

The MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (MIT REAP) is pleased to present Supporting Startup Ecosystems through Policy: The Nigeria Startup Bill (NSB), a conversation between Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim, Minister of Communications and Digital Economy for Nigeria, and MIT Sloan Professor Scott Stern. The Nigeria Startup Bill is a first-of-its -kind, national-level legislation designed to harness the potential of the nation’s digital economy through co-created regulations. The Bill aims to contribute to the creation of an environment that enables growth, attraction and protection of investment in tech startups. In July 2022, the National Assembly passed the Bill.

How can policy support startups and drive an innovation ecosystem for economic and social impact? What roles do multiple stakeholders (e.g., tech startups, investors, and government) play in this process? How did theories and frameworks from MIT REAP influence the evolution of the NSB? The discussion will explore these topics and more, followed by questions from the audience.