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CEOs and Leaders: Rising in the Workplace as a Woman in Tech


Tuesday, March 8

1:00 EST I 6:00 GMT



Women might be underrepresented in tech but did you know that in firms where 30% of the leadership are women there’s actually a 15% increase in profitability?

Women hold less than 1/3 of leadership roles in tech which means there’s a huge opportunity for roughly half the population to propel forward. So what are the major challenges? How can women harness their strengths and breakthrough barriers? How can male counterparts help to elevate female leadership, and why does it matter?

Soulaima Gourani and Margot Lee Schmorak are two incredible CEOs breaking barriers, pushing the boundaries of innovation and driving growth in their prospective companies.

In this session, moderated by Salma Elbarmwi VP of Marketing at Localized, these founders will discuss their challenges and successes as females in tech. They’ll share their journeys, advice and pathways to getting to the positions they are in now. They’ll talk about mindset and the grit that it takes to grow a business and how to network with the right people.

In this session we’ll discuss:

  • Women in leadership: The mindset
  • How to network with the right people and the importance of community
  • How to set yourself up for success
  • How to maintain a balance between your career and your life