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Localized Workshop: CV & Cover Letter Review for IT and Engineering Jobs

DATE: Sunday, March 6th

TIME: 7:00 AM EST | 6:00 PM GMT


Are you planning to work in the engineering or information technology (IT) space? Are you someone who works really well behind a computer but has trouble telling the story of the value you can bring to companies? 

This career development workshop with Iyad Uakoub focuses on the proper ways to develop your CV and cover letter and how to tailor your experiences and skill sets to the roles that you’re applying to. Learn about: 

  • ✅ How to position yourself for the engineering job that you want 
  • ✅ How to tell a story in your cover letter
  • ✅ How to stand out as a technical candidate
  • ✅ What you should be mindful of when applying for engineering roles

IT & engineering roles require a unique set of soft skills and technical skills that don’t always translate directly into your CV or resume. 🤔 This can make it complicated to land a job, even when you know you are capable of doing the work, especially if you don’t know how to position yourself to stand apart from the other candidates.