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Interview Practice: How to Introduce Yourself

DATE: Sunday, March 13th 

TIME: 1:00 PM EST | 6:00 PM GMT 


A good introduction at the beginning of an interview will make a great first impression on your interviewer and will help you to set a confident tone going into your interview. 

When you come across as confident, clear and interested in the job you’re interviewing for you will give the interviewer more reasons to remember you and recommend you for the next rounds or steps. 

In this career development workshop Iyad Uakoub will break down the introduction process, and goals, and help you to create a positive and simple pitch you can use to set the tone. In this workshop we will be going over the main goals of the introduction including: 

  • 👉 Showing you have the ability and desire to do the work
  • 👉 Showing that you’re going to fit in with the company culture
  • 👉 Showing that you are easy to work with 
  • 👉 Showing that you won’t quit shortly after being hired

Master your introduction with Iyad Uakoub.