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September Cross-Border Collab


Thursday, 7 September, 2023

8:00am EDT


Hosted on Zoom.


Emma Martens, emartens@gbsn.org

GBSN Members are Invited to September’s Cross-Border Collab – Navigating Tomorrow’s Workforce: Lifelong Learning, Upskilling, and E-Learning for the Future

We are excited to announce the September Collab will feature a riveting conversation between Dan LeClair, the CEO of the Global Business School Network, and the eminent Prof. Dr. Nick van Dam, a distinguished Human Development Scientist and the Director of the IE Center for Corporate Learning & Talent Management at IE University. The focal point of their discussion will be the prospect of the Future of Work and its profound implications for business schools worldwide. With a shared sense of urgency, they will delve into the imperative for business schools to adapt and equip students with the skills demanded by the rapidly evolving job landscape. LeClair and Prof. Dr. van Dam will explore the essential role of lifelong learning, emphasizing the ever-growing importance of upskilling and reskilling to ensure professionals remain agile and relevant in the face of technological disruptions.

Throughout the industry there has been a resounding affirmation of the significance of lifelong learning in the modern era. The days of a linear education followed by a static career path are over and we are seeing a transformative shift towards continuous learning, advocating for a seamless integration of education into the fabric of one’s professional journey. In the Collab, we will explore the myriad of ways business schools must re envision their curriculum, delivery methods, and partnerships to empower students to become lifelong learners and adaptable problem solvers.

Dr. LeClair and Prof. Dr. van Dam’s will also examine the realm of e-learning for children, a realm rapidly gaining momentum. They will explore the idea that early exposure to digital learning environments not only nurtures technological literacy but also hones critical skills like adaptability, creativity, and collaboration from an early age. They will eagerly imagine a future where e-learning platforms utilize interactive technologies for captivating educational experiences, surpassing the confines of traditional classrooms. Their discussion will reinforce the notion that investing in children’s e-learning may yield individuals well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the future job market and contribute meaningfully to society. 

In the stimulating conversation between Dan LeClair and Prof. Dr. Nick van Dam, GBSN Members will have the opportunity to join in the examination of the intricate tapestry of challenges and opportunities presented by the future of work. Members will also engage in a conversation about the underlying urgency to adapt business school curricula to equip students for the evolving job landscape. We hope participants will join us as we explore questions like:  

  1. How can business schools effectively integrate lifelong learning and adaptability into curricula to prepare students for the dynamic job landscape?
  2. What innovative strategies should business schools adopt for upskilling and reskilling professionals, and how can they collaborate with industries to address skill gaps?
  3. How might business schools contribute to the development of engaging e-learning platforms for children, fostering skills for the future while embracing early exposure to technology?


  • Nick van Dam

    Director, IE Center for Corporate Learning & Talent Management
    IE University


Thursday, 7 September, 2023

  • 8:00am Washington D.C.
  • 2:00pm Paris
  • 1:00pm Lagos
  • 5:30pm Mumbai
  • 8:00pm Singapore


Cross-Border Collabs are not open to the public and are only open to GBSN Members. 

What are Cross-Border Collabs?

Cross-Border Collabs are exclusive gatherings for GBSN members, focused on engaging our community to tackle some of the greatest challenges of our time. Facilitated by topic experts, these session will provide a place for our members be active participants in our mission of improving management and entrepreneurship education for the developing world. Collabs are held monthly on every first Thursday of the month. Collabs are an exclusive opportunity for member school ambassadors, deans and leading faculty members.