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The Dunning Africa Centre (DAC) – What Really Matters for African Business: A Pressing New Focus

The Dunning Africa Centre (DAC) at Henley Business School Africa is launching a new webinar series in May for leaders in Africa, which will tap the continent into an international research agenda and aims to unlock more global opportunities for African business. Their inaugural virtual event will tackle the question of how Africa became marginalized and how we can begin to fix this. Join their monthly event, which will take place every month on the first Thursday.

African Marginalization: Mobilizing to Mainstream the African Continent

Despite the optimism felt at the turn of the new millennium, the 21st century has not (yet) turned out to be Africa’s major growth point.

The Facts

  • Most African economies remain dependent on exporting low-value added goods, mainly in mining and agriculture.
  • There has been an overall decline in manufacturing activities, with movement towards a knowledge economy limited and patchy across Africa.
  • Intra-African trade and investment remains low.
  • With a handful of significant exceptions, there are few African multinational firms that are globally

Debate Agenda

  • Are there reasons to remain optimistic?
  • What are the causes of the malaise?
  • Have we addressed the initial conditions necessary for sustained economic growth?
  • From a policy perspective: have we addressed the challenges for good governance and infrastructure, or is the expectation that we should have already achieved this?
  • What can the private sector do to build partnership and unification across sectors?

Date & Time

Thursday, May 5th 2022

5:00pm to 7:00pm SAST

11:00am to 1:00pm EST

The Dunning Africa Webinar Series

The DAC isn’t a place, it’s a continent-wide conversation for leaders. This series allows Africa’s top business minds and global experts to debate and discuss contemporary issues affecting African business. More than this, it allows you to join-in the conversation.

The Dunning Africa Centre, which is affiliated to the prestigious John H. Dunning Centre for International Business in the UK, will energise collaboration between top African scholars, business leaders and other experts. Together, this will drive enquiry into the impact of globalisation on international business from an African perspective. It will also seek to reposition African business as a significant and dynamic global player.

It is time for Africa to reclaim its identity and make authentic, assertive inroads into the global business market. Africans do business like no-one else. We have a unique outlook and hard-won experience in one of the most challenging and complex business environments on the planet.

Our topics have been sourced from African business people across the continent, and cover the pressing questions facing African businesses today:

● How should African businesses establish their identity in international markets?
● What are the challenges and opportunities we face when securing investments overseas?
● How should African businesses engage with large, inward investors?

An essential element of the DAC webinar is that business people from across Africa can offer their unique insights and perspectives. We have designed the platform so that the conversation can expand across industries and provide a unified path forward. Every voice counts.