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Applications OPEN – DHL GoTrade GBSN Fellowship Program 2024

Deutsche Post DHL Group and GBSN partner to break down barriers to global trade.

In furtherance of our mission to improve management and entrepreneurial education, GBSN has partnered with one of its corporate members DPDHL to develop the GoTrade GBSN Fellowship Program. This Fellowship Program is designed to partner selected postgraduate business students with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the developing world with the aim of fostering greater cross-border trade. This directly addresses our collective mission at GBSN –– to improve access to quality, locally relevant management and entrepreneurial education for the developing world. GoTrade is education and access.


Call for Proposals: The SWIFT Institute and GBSN Grant Competition

Case topic:  Bank Management, Cybersecurity & Risk Management in Latin America


The threat of cybersecurity raises a number of questions for financial institutions and how they interact with each other, especially for those based in emerging economies. The SWIFT Institute – GBSN Case writing grant will support the development of 1 teaching case and 1 research case developed by faculty based in the below target countries in Latin America. These case studies will examine ways in which local financial institutions minimize this risk. The geographical focus will be on the following countries:

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Dominican Republic

Grant Terms

GBSN invites its faculty, PhD students, and researchers with a background and/or interest in finance, cyber security, and/or risk management to submit a proposal.  The selected applicants will be awarded:

  • $5,000 USD for the production of one teaching case (for classroom teaching purposes)
  • $5,000 USD for the production of one research case (for publication and online distribution purposes)
  • or $10,000 USD for the production of both case studies

The case studies should include financial institutions from all countries of interest.

Applicants do not need to be from a GBSN member school, but must be originally from or have greatly studied, one of the listed countries.

Case Requirements

(The SWIFT Institute and / or GBSN can be of assistance in introducing the case writers to potential case protagonists in their country of preference. It is expected that aliases will be used in order to preserve the financial institutions’ privacy)

  • For the teaching case: the final production should be 6-10 pages in length, with the incorporation of appendices and a 2-page teaching note that must include the following sections:
    • Learning objectives
    • Target group
    • Teaching strategy
    • Questions for discussion 
    • Analysis of data
    • Any additional background reading
  • For the research case: the final production should be 6-10 pages in length, with the incorporation of graphs in the document, and without appendices for online publishing and distribution

The cases will be owned and distributed by GBSN and the Swift Institute. Permission to publish and release will be provided on a case by case basis.

The development of the case(s) can be conducted in Spanish, however the final written cases must be in English.

Proposal Requirements

  • Proposed title and brief abstract of case study
  • Financial institution representation from one (or more) of the Latin American countries
  • Resume/CVs of all participating authors and/or researchers

Application Small Grant Review Criteria

  • Experience of the individual Case Writer or Team (30 Points)
  • Overall Quality of Proposal Submission (30 Points)
  • Relevance of Case Topic Proposed (20 Points)
  • Relevance and Applicability to Latin America (20 Points)

Application Deadline: December 31, 2022 11:59 PM EST.

Please Note: Applicants do not need to be from nor represent Latin American schools or countries, but must have an adequate knowledge and experience working in the target country.

Notifications for winning submissions will be made by mid-February 2023. Finalized cases will be delivered by August 2023.

Submission Portal


For more information or questions, please email Maddie Handler at

The SWIFT Institute

The SWIFT Institute, set up by SWIFT, funds independent research, supports knowledge-led debate and provides a forum where academia and financial industry practitioners can learn from each other. Its primary focus is transaction banking, covering the areas of payments & banking, capital markets, cyber security, technology & innovation, regulation & compliance and leadership. The SWIFT Institute aims to extend the understanding of current practice and explore future needs in global financial services. The SWIFT Institute is proud to partner with GBSN, helping to support efforts to improve the quality of education in the developing world. Our current efforts include the creation of case studies designed to enable business students to make informed leadership decisions based on real-world situations within the global financial industry. Additionally, we run Student Challenges whereby we seek innovative solutions to real-world problems and showcase those ideas to financial industry practitioners.  Our collaboration with GBSN is designed to shape and tap into the minds of future thought and business leaders.  Our research is freely available to download and share at

CapsimInbox Microsimulation Development Lab- Calling all Faculty and PhD Students

Taking you BEYOND the classroom, the Educators Track is designed for scholars, lecturers, trainers, and university faculty across disciplines who want to connect with like-minded colleagues on teaching innovations, research and pedagogy needed serve communities and develop talent the world needs now.

Since 2020, GBSN and Capsim have joined forces to help bring quality and experiential business learning to communities worldwide through the Microsimulation Development Lab experience. The two organizations brought together scholars, lecturers, trainers, and academic faculty worldwide to design and develop a micro inbox simulation using current data, research, cases, and personal experiences.

Teams of 1-4 educators come together to design these 15-30 minute microsimulations, which immerse learners in real-world scenarios and evaluate essential skills in a realistic context.

How does the Microsim Development Lab work?

This year, the Microsimulation Development Lab is offering an opportunity to earn two unique digital badges, which will properly prepare participants who are serious in developing a microsimulation.

These two badging opportunities provide faculty participants support in the process of designing and building a 15-30 minute inbox simulation experience. Faculty will understand how to bring these simulations to the classroom. These microsimulations will immerse learners in real-world scenarios and evaluate essential skills in a realistic context.


The following timeline list the significant milestones for the entire 2022 GBSN Beyond CapsimInbox Microsimulation Development Lab experience (inclusive of both badge opportunities):

July 1, 2022Registration Opens for all Faculty Members from Registered Institutions
September 2190-Minute CapsimInbox Microsimulation Development Workshop
September 221st Digital Badges Awarded
September 22Interested Individuals/Teams Confirmed
September 23Microsimulation Development Process Begins
October 26Microsimulations are Due for Judging
Oct 26-Nov 7Microsimulation Judging Process
November 7Winning Microsimulation is Determined
November 9Winning Microsimulation is Announced & 2nd Digital Badges Awarded
Nov 10-Feb 103 Months of Optional Microsimulation Development & Library Additions

Interested in the already published GBSN library of microsimulations?

Call for Preliminary Judges: The Victoria Forum Student Essay Competition | PhD Students and Research Assistants

We are excited to announce the launch of our first Victoria Forum Student Essay Challenge, in partnership with the Victoria Forum. This international competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students and invites and challenges individuals/teams to write original, unpublished essays sharing actual experiences and stories of courage, grit, and transformation, to inspire efforts to bridge existing divides.

Essays should focus on one of the following sub-themes:

  • Bridging Economic Divides
  • Bridging Social Divides
  • Bridging Environmental Divides

Thus far, this international competition has submissions from 15 countries ranging across 6 continents. 


At this time, we would like to formally invite network members interested in becoming Preliminary Judges who would help determine the Top 10 essays.  These Top 10 essays would then go to the Victoria Forum final judging panel to award the winning essay.  We welcome you to please share this opportunity with your network of academic professionals.  We especially welcome PhD students, research assistants, graduate assistants, and professors who would be willing to assist us in judging the submitted essays and accompanying creative pieces. 

In addition to technical aspects, such as mechanics, organization, and narrative, essays will be judged for inspiration—the extent to which they have potential to tilt the conversation and inspire action towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. Preliminary Judges would read the essays and score them and the creative piece on a 100 point scale in four simple categories.

Preliminary Judges will be publicly acknowledged on the GBSN website and other external communications. In order to facilitate this, for those interested please email Julianna LaBelle at your preferred full name, official title and a brief bio with your confirmation of participating as a preliminary judge.

Call For Investors for Africa Business Concept Challenge

We are proud to announce the second annual Africa Business Concept Challenge (ABCC) in partnership with Peaqs. This virtual business concept competition for African undergraduate and graduate students will challenge teams to design a viable business concept that addresses a locally-relevant challenge or problem related to Agenda 2063, and inclusive and sustainable development.

As part of this experience, teams will compete on the Peaqs platform in a virtual stock market on the Peaqs platform.  We are recruiting investors to participate in this crucial portion of the competition.  You will be asked to invest on one or both competition games to determine which team has the best developed idea in each phase.  The following are the times for investing:

  • Phase 1: March 25th
  • Phase 2: March 30th through April 4th
  • Phases 3, 4, & 5: April 10th through 17th

This interactive part of the competition is fun and engaging and we welcome any professionals, researchers, teaching assistants, and more to participate as investors.  If you are interested, you can complete a form of expression found below and share with your network.

The more Investors and Investor Experts in the market game, the more realistic an experience the teams can have.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email Maddie Handler at  We look forward to welcoming new investors this year and are very excited to see the ideas that are developed by students!

GBSN-INSEAD Africa Faculty Fellowship

The 4th Industrial Revolution and the pandemic have changed the way we work and live and has brought on a new normal in Africa and across the globe. Education is an essential tool to equip us to mitigate the challenges we will face.

In its effort to promote the continual improvement in quality learning and research across business schools in Africa, GBSN and INSEAD

are joining forces to offer a GBSN-INSEAD Africa Faculty Fellowship designed for educators who are committed to advancing the quality of their learning and teaching. The Fellowship is designed to support African faculty members from GBSN member schools to further develop their teaching practice. During the Fellowship, the Fellow will work with an INSEAD Faculty member(s) to develop a teaching resource or tool that can be brought back to their home institution and used in the classroom.

Through the Fellowship’s experience, activates and deliverables, they will help advance the quality of business and management education in their respective country. This fellowship is open to one faculty member from an African business school that is a member of GBSN and will take place in the academic year 2022.

Terms of the Fellowship

Beyond pursuing their own projects, the Fellows will be expected to attend research seminars and workshops, to sit in on class sessions at the invitation of faculty, to interact with faculty, administrative staff, and students, and to serve as a guest speaker in class if requested. This experience should be seen as an opportunity for both personal and institutional development. Upon returning home, the Fellow will be expected to share their learnings, strategies, and teaching tools with their home institution, and to maintain a relationship with the INSEAD Africa Initiative. Finally, the Fellow will be asked to write a follow-up report about their experience with the GBSN-INSEAD Fellowship, highlighting key learnings and activities. The report will be published on the GBSN website, and possibly on relevant INSEAD websites.

  • Time and work will be spread across 12 months
  • Majority of the Fellowship work will be conducted virtually
  • Potential for on-campus visit with sponsoring Faculty on INSEAD’s campus (Fontainebleau or Singapore). Travel is subject to COVID-19 restrictions and availability.
  • Other ancillary expenses such as food and local transportation may be covered by INSEAD, under specific mutual agreement between INSEAD and the Fellow.

Academic Supervisor

  • Vinika D. Rao

    Executive Director, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, Gender Initiative & Africa Initiative; Director, Hoffman Global Institute for Business & Society, Asia; Adjunct Professor,
    Singapore Management University

Selection Committee

  • Mark Stabile

    Professor of Economics; The Stone Chaired Professor in Wealth Inequality; Academic Director, The James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Centre for the Study of Wealth Inequality Hoffmann; Global Institute for Business & Society Deputy Academic Director
  • Ithai Stern

    Associate Professor of Strategy; The Akzo Nobel Fellow of Strategic Management
  • Vinika D. Rao

    Executive Director, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, Gender Initiative & Africa Initiative; Director, Hoffman Global Institute for Business & Society, Asia; Adjunct Professor,
    Singapore Management University
  • Prashant Yaduv

    Affiliate Professor of Technology and Operations Management

The Application Process

Applicants must be active faculty with the potential for – or actual duties of – academic leadership at a GBSN member school on the African continent. Professors of all academic fields of business and economics are welcome to apply. 

Candidates for the Fellowships should submit the following documents in support of their application:

  1. An expression of interest and proposal of personal objectives, activities, and desired project deliverables (e.g., research working paper, teaching tools, course syllabus, simulations, etc.) during the visit to INSEAD
  2. the completed application form and a current curriculum vitae
  3. a letter of support from the Dean or Director of their institution. The letter should explain the suitability of the candidate for the Fellowship and how the institution expects to benefit from the Fellow’s engagement with INSEAD.

A selection committee of INSEAD faculty members, put together by the INSEAD Africa Initiative, will review each submitted application package and shortlisted candidates will move onto the Interview Phase.

Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviews will be scheduled with the selected top applicants. The interviews are designed as a way for the INSEAD Africa Initiative Selection Committee to learn more about the applicant’s background, research, experience, desired learnings and objectives during the Fellowship as well as scheduling, timeline and availability. A major part of the selection will consider how the applicant plans to bring back value and implement the Fellowship deliverables across its home institution. 


The goal is to begin Fellowships within the academic year. Timelines are part of the discussion during virtual interviews. Other key dates and deadlines are outlined below.


MARCH 31Application DEADLINE
APRIL 4 – 8Virtual Interviews Conducted with Top Applicants
APRIL 8 – 29INSEAD Selection Committee Application Review Period
May 2Selected Faculty Fellow Announced


Contacts for this fellowship can be found below.


Nicole Zefran

INSEAD Africa Initiative

Jean Lim

GBSN-EPIC Fellows Program

The GBSN-EPIC Fellows Program is a partnership between the Global Business School Network and the Social Ventures Foundation. GBSN-EPIC Fellows are business school faculty members, retired faculty members and entrepreneurs in residence providing volunteer mentorship to undergraduate students participating in the inaugural year of the EPIC Teams Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program. 

The program begins this February of 2022, in Costa Rica and then expands to other Central American nations in September 2022.  The EPIC Teams Program engages student teams to ideate, incubate and pitch their social venture solutions to local poverty challenges. 

GBSN-EPIC Fellows will virtually mentor a student team of up 5 students to facilitate their entrepreneurial development of a social venture. They will then mentor their Team’s preparation for their EPIC national competition. to help them win prize money that will enable their Team to conduct a commercial proof of concept.  The GBSN-EPIC Fellow will commit to spend up to 5 hours a month for up to four months mentoring their assigned EPIC Team.

The inaugural year of the GBSN-EPIC Fellows Program has only 25 mentor positions available and is seeking those with extensive entrepreneurial experience and a passion for using their experience to make a social impact.



About EPIC

EPIC engages the next generation of entrepreneurs in developing social ventures that provide solutions to poverty reduction challenges. Apply to EPIC to participate in a world class competition, with winners receiving help to scale their social ventures. The top 10 social venture ideas will be selected to compete in the final round Live on Zoom January 20th, 2022 for monetary prizes.

Apply to Be a GBSN-EPIC Fellow

To apply for this opportunity, please complete the online form found on the EPIC website.