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GBSN Statement on Ukraine

The Global Business School Network (GBSN) is committed to improving access to management education for the developing world. This requires business schools and like-minded organizations to help create a supportive context emphasizing equality, peace, prosperity, and lasting progress.

In light of ongoing developments and the continuing attacks by Russia in Ukraine, the Board of GBSN has decided to temporarily suspend the SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management from participation in its activities. GBSN appreciates the many positive contributions made by the School over the three years it has been a member of GBSN.  SKOLKOVO will continue to retain membership status and all parties remain hopeful activities can resume in the future.

The Board emphasizes that it does not speak for all GBSN member organizations. Its decision on behalf of the network does not preclude any individual school or organizational member from engaging directly with SKOLKOVO.

Additionally, the Board directed GBSN staff to immediately consider ways to be supportive of Ukrainian universities and business schools, especially displaced students, scholars, and staff. 

GBSN is continually pushing for holistic approaches to the myriad of global challenges, including regional conflicts around the world. Each situation is different, calling for different responses, always with a focus on its mission. It is our hope that business, society, and governments come together to end global conflict and create a better future for Everyone.