The GBSN Expert Link platform enables real-time expertise identification, expert access and knowledge transfer among peers around the globe in business education. With this platform faculty and administrators have direct access to experienced colleagues across the globe for pro bono targeted advice and mentoring.

Best practice and lessons learned will be compiled and shared anonymously in a knowledge library, accessible to all users as an additional resource that will grow as the program develops.


How can business school faculty, deans and administrators easily and immediately access experts around the globe for real-time knowledge transfer and capture?

GBSN ExpertLink

  • A secure, confidential, trusted online platform that provides access to recognized experts from the leading global business schools
  • A platform for easily scheduling virtual meetings across all time zones
  • A system that emulates established behaviors for structured engagements to capture knowledge and enable permission-based sharing

ExpertLink is exclusively available to all personnel of GBSN member schools. ExpertLink provides deans, faculty, and administrators free access to experienced peers and experts from around the globe for targeted peer-mentoring.

This more than a networking platform, it is a tool to find personalized solutions to specific challenges. Work confidentially one-on-one with experienced international peers to help address your challenges in areas such as:

  • Business School Administration
  • Healthcare Management Education
  • Case Study Writing
  • Indigenous Entrepreneurship
  • Experiential Learning
  • Performance Measurement

The scope of expertise offered to our members reflects the diversity and breadth of our network. Tap into this expertise to answer questions, develop new ideas, get a fresh perspective or build a partnership. ExpertLink is powered by the TrustedPeer platform.

Access to ExpertLink is for member school personnel only. If you have not yet received a login account for ExpertLink, or would like to give access to a colleague, please email to request a login ID.

The GBSN Expert Link platform is fully developed and market-tested, and is designed and configured as a private network application. Deans, faculty and administrators from GBSN’s leading business schools and broader community of management education professionals will be engaged as experts on the platform, which is available to GBSN Member Schools to find advice and support in their efforts to improve their ability to provide quality, locally relevant management education around the globe.

Your School’s Private Mentoring Platform:

In addition to accessing experts in management education, member schools who sign on to GBSN Expert Link will eventually have the opportunity to use the platform for their own pro bono internal mentoring network, with a private portal available to just their students, faculty, administrators, alumni and affiliated business professionals. This element will be added to the pilot once the initial GBSN Expert Link has been established and tested.