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New Member Spotlight: Ecobank Academy


Institutional Profile

Ecobank Academy, Togo

Operating in all sub-Saharan Africa regions, Ecobank Academy is one of the largest corporate universities in Africa. Each year Ecobank Academy trains more than 14,000 in 40 countries (36 in Africa and 4 out of Africa).

While it has state of the art campuses across the continent, Ecobank Academy has been an early adopter of digital and virtual learning, and it offers its programs using virtual instructor-led, eLearning and instructor-led.

Founded in 2012 and became operational in 2014, Ecobank Academy is the first truly pan-African corporate university and is the epicenter of structured, innovative, and sustainable learning.

Group Head of Ecobank Academy, Talent, and Organizational Development: Simon Rey

GBSN Ambassadors: Theodora Wood and Sandrine Ada

Current Partnerships with GBSN Member Schools

We are looking to expand collaboration and partnerships with other GBSN members to advance executive education’s role in unlocking the potential of African SMEs, MSMEs, Public Sector, Development organizations, Youth, and other professionals.

Network Engagement

Our own vision is informed by the founding of the Ecobank Group. Our Corporate University has dual priorities – on the one hand, to develop world-class capabilities and skills for all Ecobankers and, on the other hand, to help develop African Managers and Leaders further to accelerate the financial integration of the African continent.

With our mission and commitment to the continent, we are directly contributing to the overall GBSN purpose.

Institutional contributions to the network platform in the first year

We are committed to fully engage in GSBN activities by sharing knowledge and collaborate in the creation of new programs aimed at delivering just-in-time and solutions-driven learning opportunities.

Institutional engagement with fellow GBSN member institutions

As a pan-African institution, we see practical education as a critical enabler to realize unlocked opportunities across the continent. Together we can advance societies, create growth for SMEs, and power lasting innovation spirit for our continent. Every day we look for opportunities to design solutions that will help solve real problems sustainably.

We are looking forward to partnering with other GSBN members to create scalable solutions.

“It is a privilege to be the first corporate university to join GBSN. We believe practical and just-in-time education is crucial to help solve some of the most pressing challenges and, at the same time, unlock tremendous opportunities to advance the social-economic agenda. We are looking forward to collaborating with other members and together to bring world-class capabilities to create and implement solutions-driven programs impacting African SMEs, MSMEs, Public Sector, Development organizations, Youth, and other professionals.” 

The biggest challenge facing management in your community and how the institution addresses this challenge

As a growing continent going through the same challenges caused by the ongoing global pandemic, relevant and accessible education has never been more important. To solve these unique challenges while embracing its amazing youthful population, Africa needs to rethink how education is delivered by forging partnerships between the universities, business schools, vocational schools, and corporate universities. This collaboration will accelerate development by equipping more people with relevant skills, mentoring, and coaching to address just-in-time solutions.

While our primary focus has been our Staff, in the past few years, we have opened doors to develop leaders from other organizations, and impact has been phenomenal. We understand we cannot do this work alone, and it is our hope to inspire a surge in the creation of world-class corporate universities across the continent where collaboration with rigorous educational institutions will result in sustained impact – not only for their Staff but also surrounding communities.

Africa is increasingly a fast-paced and dynamically evolving environment, where change is often the only constant. We make a difference, not only by what we do – with our expertise and our skills – but also by how we do it.

In this rapidly changing continent, skills and talent have to be renewed continuously. It’s for this reason we call on all other partners to dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to join academic institutions into creating a new wave of learning – one that is end-to-end.