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NUM Ranked in WURI’s Top 50 Universities of Real Impact

Cambodia’s National University of Management (NUM) on Friday announced that the Committee of Hanseatic League of Universities, which organizes the annual World’s Universities with Real Impact (WURI), ranked NUM in the top 50 of the “WURI 2022: Global Top 100 Innovative Universities”.

It said that NUM was in the top 50 for 5 innovative projects and programmes in the following categories – Industrial Application, 37 in the top 50; Entrepreneurial Spirit, 27; Ethical Value, 32; Crisis Management, 30; and Industrial Revolution, 2.

It added that among the above five projects and programs, Faculty of Digital Economy’s Fourth Industrial Revolution project, which focuses on Blockchain-Based App Development, ranked two in the top 50, and was mentioned by the Conference of WURI 2022 as an innovative case, from which other universities can learn.

Last year, NUM was ranked 101-200 in the top 50 innovative institutions for entrepreneurial spirit, ethical value, and crisis management. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education congratulated NUM on the result.