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Call for Performances: GBSN Beyond 2023

Be part of a vibrant hub of exchange, learning, collaboration and discussion by submitting a student performance for GBSN Beyond.

The arts are a universal language. While they appear in different formats and genres, the arts have the power to connect every individual, every community, every nation across the globe. The arts allow us to overcome the barriers of language and geography, and unite us around the joy it brings.

GBSN Beyond: Together In-Person & Online utilizes a versatile events platform to convene members of business, academia, and civil society to collectively tackle some of the complex problems our societies across the globe are facing. GBSN Beyond features three parallel track experiences during the month of October leading up to a 3-day in-person & virtual conference, October 30 – November 2. These tracks engage Learners, Educators, and Leaders. Each parallel track includes a core learning experience with various sessions, networking opportunities and workshops. The conference will offer a program of keynotes, panel discussions, lightning talks, networking activities, and more.

GBSN Beyond provides attendees numerous opportunities for engagement, and we as an organization have always prided ourselves on delivering unique and innovative experiences. Entertainment has always been a priority. This year, GBSN Beyond will feature a Performance Series designed to overcome barriers of language, religion, culture, and geography, and bring our global audience together around the joy performing arts brings.These performances will be highlighted throughout the entire GBSN Beyond event experience.

Help us bring performing arts to our global audience. 

Submission Categories

Because of the virtual nature of this year’s conference, artists are encouraged to submit their work in one of the following categories:

  1. Pre-Recorded Performance Collective
  2. Live Video Performance
  3. Single Location and Solo Short 
  4. Outside The Box

Submission Category Details

Performance Category 1: Pre-Recorded Performance Collective

Submissions should consider the following guidelines:

  • 20-30 minutes in length
  • Between 2-4 performances included in the collective. Diversity in talent and style is encouraged.
  • Properly edited, produced and recorded with multiple camera angles

Chosen “Category 1” performances will receive a stipend estimated between $400 – $800 for the entire team of artists and complimentary passes to the virtual conference. 

Performance Category 2: Live Video Performance

Submissions should consider the following guidelines:

  • Performances chosen will be performed via livestream from performer’s location(s) through GBSN’s conference platform
  • Performances chosen can be performed to one or multiple cameras, i.e. multiple people in multiple locations
  • 10-12 minutes or less in length

Chosen “Category 2” projects will receive a stipend estimated between $200 – $300 and complimentary all-access passes to the virtual conference.

Performance Category 3: Single Location and Solo Short 

Submissions should consider the following guidelines:

  • Projects chosen will be performed via livestream from a single location through conference platform
  • Projects chosen will be performed to one camera, i.e. a single individual or multiple people in a single location
  • 5-8 minutes maximum in length
  • Solo pieces of any format including: Stand-up comedy, Solo Performance Artist, Live Poetry, Web-Cam Style, Documentary Style, etc.
  • Multiple artist pieces of any format including: drama, comedy, musical theatre, etc.

Chosen “Category 3” performances will receive an estimated stipend between $75 – $175.

Performance Category 4: Outside the Box

  • Submitted if all three (3) other categories do not fit for your performance. 
  • If your piece doesn’t fit in any box, then submit here and create your own!

Chosen “Category 4” projects will receive a stipend commensurate.

WU Vienna School of Economics, Austria

Asian Institute of Management, Philippines

Ashesi University, Ghana

How to Submit a Performance

Performances should be submitted through this online form. Submission must include the following:

  • Performance Title 
  • Performance Category 
  • Brief description of performance submission (500 word max)
  • Name(s), contact information of Performer(s) and name of Institution. If submitting a group performance, please indicate one main point of contact
  • Artist’s Statement describing the applicant’s philosophy and vision (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Biographies for artistic personnel (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Links to websites, if applicable
  • Performance File and/or Samples (Accepted file formats include word document for written submission, .mp4 file for video submission, .mp3 file for audio only submission)

Additional Details

  • Performers can submit more than one performance submission. Every effort will be made to ensure diversity is represented in the performances selected.
  • GBSN reserves the right to recommend changes to performances upon consultation with performers.
  • Performers must provide consent to conference organizers to publish the performance on the Hubb platform and to share the performance online.

Important Dates & Deadlines

  • 5 May, 2023 – Call for Performances Opens
  • 28 October, 2023 – Call for Performances Closes


Questions regarding the Call for Performances and the submission process may be sent to beyond@gbsn.org.