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Sustainability in Mining & Energy: Resource Challenges for the Energy Transition

  • Date: Tuesday Oct 18
  • Time: 8am-1:30pm UTC-3
  • Location: Auditorium Chilean Chamber of Construction – Av. Apoquindo 6750, Las Condes, Santiago
  • Industries worldwide are beginning to accept and discuss the roles that climate change, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, and other critical environmental challenges will play in global, national, regional, and urban markets. MIT is setting its sights on research and innovations that will deliver game-changing advances in humanity’s efforts to address these changes.

This conference will highlight the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative’s (ESI) knowledge and expertise on sustainable mining and the clean energy transition.


Professor John E. Fernandez

Director, MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative

Dr. Scott Odell

Visiting Assistant Professor, George Washington University and Visiting Scientist, MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative

Organized by the MIT Sloan Latin America Office

An event by the MIT Foundation Chile.