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Woxsen University Welcomes 62 New Full-Time Professors in 2022

Woxsen University is currently comprising of 275 academics within its entire structure in the form of resident faculty, adjunct professors, clinical and professors of practice, distinguished professors, emeritus professors, chair professors and executive fellows, across all schools and disciplines. Within this pool, 65% of the faculty have international experience and 37% industry experience of 10 or more years. Additionally, the university maintains a 60/40 male to female ratio and cadre of 72% doctoral holders.

These new hires cover a very wide range of fields of knowledge from computer science, marketing, fashion design, finance to clinical psychology and consumer neuroscience. We believe in interdisciplinary education as the key to our foundations and, hence, our faculty pool ensures to coordinate in cohesion towards the university pillars which are

  1. Internationalisation
  2. Research
  3. ERS (Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability)
  4. Corporate Alignment
  5. Entrepreneurship and Digitalisation