Call for Preliminary Judges: The Victoria Forum Student Essay Competition | PhD Students and Research Assistants

We are excited to announce the launch of our first Victoria Forum Student Essay Challenge, in partnership with the Victoria Forum. This international competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students and invites and challenges individuals/teams to write original, unpublished essays sharing actual experiences and stories of courage, grit, and transformation, to inspire efforts to bridge existing divides.

Essays should focus on one of the following sub-themes:

  • Bridging Economic Divides
  • Bridging Social Divides
  • Bridging Environmental Divides

Thus far, this international competition has submissions from 15 countries ranging across 6 continents. 


At this time, we would like to formally invite network members interested in becoming Preliminary Judges who would help determine the Top 10 essays.  These Top 10 essays would then go to the Victoria Forum final judging panel to award the winning essay.  We welcome you to please share this opportunity with your network of academic professionals.  We especially welcome PhD students, research assistants, graduate assistants, and professors who would be willing to assist us in judging the submitted essays and accompanying creative pieces. 

In addition to technical aspects, such as mechanics, organization, and narrative, essays will be judged for inspiration—the extent to which they have potential to tilt the conversation and inspire action towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. Preliminary Judges would read the essays and score them and the creative piece on a 100 point scale in four simple categories.

Preliminary Judges will be publicly acknowledged on the GBSN website and other external communications. In order to facilitate this, for those interested please email Julianna LaBelle at your preferred full name, official title and a brief bio with your confirmation of participating as a preliminary judge.

SWIFT Institute Student Challenge

In 2022,  the SWIFT Institute Student Challenge, with the support of the Global Business School Network, comes to Latin America!  Hosting the competition in Colombia, and Mexico where the challenges have been defined by and have the support of the Colombian (ASOBancaria) and Mexican (ABM) banking associations. These challenges are open to all students attending higher level education institutions not in full time employment.

There is a cash prize of for the winning team and the opportunity of a lifetime to be exposed to the leaders of the financial industry at Sibos 2022. The top three teams from each challenge will be invited to give a 10-minute presentation, in English, as part of a virtual Sibos 2022 during the week of 10-13 October 2022.

The winning entry will be selected by a panel of expert judges and Sibos audience.

Welcome to the SWIFT Institute Student Challenge Colombia! 

How to implement digital banking agents through are E-Commerce Apps?

For full details, download the Colombia Challenge Brochure here. Also available in Spanish here.

Submissions will be accepted up until 15 July 2022.

Welcome to the SWIFT Institute Student Challenge Mexico! 

How can banks foster financial inclusion in Mexico by combining remittances inflows and new technologies?

For full details, download the Mexico Challenge Brochure here. Brochure also available in Spanish here.

Submissions will be accepted up until 15 July 2022.

Previous Winners of the Student Challenge

Third Annual Virtual Regional Business Plan Competition: HACK 22

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) of The American University in Cairo School of Business is calling all national and international undergraduate students! We’d like to invite you to participate in the Third Annual Virtual Regional Business plan competition “HACK 22” 

Through Hack22 we are looking for students who are passionate about finding and creating innovative technological solutions that inspire a more sustainable, accessible and resilient future for their communities. 

It is no secret that the world has been facing issues due to humanity’s unsustainable tendencies. Accordingly Hack 22 main target is UN SDG 13; “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts” i.e.; sustainability, solutions for the climate change crisis, and recycling/upcycling. We aim at encouraging participating teams to develop a sense of awareness and understanding of the crisis and all of the interconnected aspects that surround them in their daily lives. Teams will create solutions that would advocate for a resilient and more sustainable future for the world.

Subsequently, climate change affects every sector and industry. Hack 22 encourages participating teams to develop ideas targeting specific corporate areas and sustainability problems in order to ensure an effective learning environment. Our aim is to produce solutions that would increase regularly sustainable behavior in order to help minimize the impact of climate change. The solutions could fall under a variety of categories, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Plastic waste, reduction and recycling ie banners, sim cards …..etc.
  2. Climate changes and actions 
  3. Hospital air pollution 
  4. Overexploitation of natural resources
  5. Energy efficiency
  6. Green sustainable fintech
  7. Others 

Gather your team, sign up, and get ready for a mind-blowing experience! Monetary prizes and other exciting valuable prizes

  • Deadline for submission: June 9, 2022
  • Hack dates: June 24-29, 2022

The deadline for applications Thursday, June 9th @ 12:00 AM (Cairo local time) GMT+2

Algo Crypto Trading Challenge 2022

Algo Challenge Association (ACA) in Hong Kong is organizing Algo Crypto Trading Challenge 2022 (Global) this July. ACA would like to invite students from any business school in the world to join this competition. This online crypto contest will last from July 2022 to Jan 2023. There will be 3 stages: ideate, test, and compete. Participants will brainstorm an algo strategy, code the trading logic, test them on our back-testing platform, and then run a 2-month live paper trading to compete for best return, best Sharpe, and best strategy design awards. From the contest, they can learn more about professional industry knowledge and practical skills to qualify as a next-generation algorithmic trader.

About the Challenge

Ideate your trading algorithms, test on a robust back-testing platform, and compete to make a name for yourself! Gain professional industry knowledge and practical skills to prepare yourself as the next-gen algo-trading professional.

This Challenge is open to public. Create teams of 1~4 members with diverse skills (maths, statistics, finance, coding, presentation) and register by 17 Jul 2022.


17 Jul 2022Deadline of Registration
21 Aug 2022Deadline of 1st Round: Idea and Strategy Proposal Submission
31 Aug 2022Announcement of 1st Round Winners
23 Oct 2022Deadline 2nd Round: Back-testing Completed and Code Submission
31 Oct 2022Announcement of 2nd Round Winners
31 Dec 20222-month Live Paper Trading Completed
8 Jan 2023Final Day and Award Ceremony


There are 3 award categories: (A) Best Return, (B) Best Sharpe, and (C) Best Strategy Design.

The winning teams from each category will be entitled to:

  • Cash Prize
  • Certificate
  • Free Subscription of Back-testing Engine
  • Algo NFT
  • Internship/Full-time Employment Opportunities
  • Join Algo Challenge Association (ACA)

2022 Africa Digital Innovation Competition

Key Deadlines

April 28 – Launch of the 2022 Africa Digital Innovation Competition

June 30 – Applications submission closes

Aug 15 – Selection and notification of the top ten finalists.

Sept. 5 – Executive summaries due for top ten finalists.

Oct 5-15 – Interview of top ten finalists.

Nov. 7-8 – Selection and notification of the top 3 finalists.

Dec. 7-8 – Announcement of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners live at the U.S.-Africa Digital Economy Summit.

As part of the 2022 Digital Economy Summit, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s U.S.-Africa Business Center (USAfBC) in conjunction with AmChams across Africa, is hosting its annual Digital Entrepreneurship Competition for African Startups. The competition is targeted towards Digital SMEs and startups that are looking to facilitate the delivery of digital, cross-border, interoperable, and cross- domain services and solutions, while also accelerating their digitally enabled growth.

The competition will be focused on three broad thematic areas: 

  1. Fintech and Cyber Solutions: covering data flow solutions, cross border digital platform solutions, mobile technology, intellectual property management, cyber security, and digital movement of creative art (movies, music, art).
  2. Sustainability & Supply Chain Solutions: covering smart manufacturing, e-commerce, management of shared economies, improvement to digital supply chain, logistics solutions to e-commerce businesses, and Agriculture technology (AgTech). 
  3. Human Development & Social Services Solutions: covering digital health solutions, e-learning platform.

The Digital Entrepreneurship Competition will award cash prizes and in-kind services to be provided to the top three winners. The in-kind services may include laptops, annual subscriptions to digital platforms, mentoring and digital marketing/advertising services for the top three winners of the competition.


April 28 – Launch of the 2022 Africa Digital Innovation Competition

June 30 – Applications submission closes

Aug 15 – Selection and notification of the top ten finalists.

Sept. 5 – Executive summaries due for top ten finalists.

Oct 5-15 – Interview of top ten finalists.

Nov. 7-8 – Selection and notification of the top 3 finalists.

Dec. 7-8 – Announcement of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners live at the U.S.-Africa Digital Economy Summit.

American University in Cairo School Of Business International Case Competition (ICC) Fourth Edition 2022

For the fourth year in a row, The AUC School of Business Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center (KCC), and Business Association (BA), a student-led organization, are organizing the online 24-hour international case competition (ICC).

The ICC brings together teams of students from all over the world to compete in solving a challenging business case. ICC was the first competition of its kind organized in Egypt and the Middle East and focusing on business challenges facing high-growth entrepreneurial ventures back in 2019.

ICC provides students with a unique learning experience to understand the business and entrepreneurship landscape in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, including complex issues around consumer behavior, economic trends, regulatory and policy reforms, technology adoption and the supporting ecosystem. The case-solving competition aims to blend a cross-cultural understanding of working with Egyptian students and entrepreneurs with a good grasp of Egyptian culture in a well-designed process.

Every year ICC focuses on a startup in a specific sector in the Middle East. We recognize the value of such competitions to promote cultural fluency between students and introduce them to the multifaceted challenges that startups face, especially in developing countries. Startup Case Competitions are a great practical learning tool that engage students in the real world of entrepreneurship.

The competition aims at empowering international innovative students and university networks to raise their awareness of steps taken in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and engage in developing solutions to enhance the business operations of emerging startups facing the current challenges provided by the outbreak and post of COVID – 19.

Application Deadline: Feb 26, 2022 (Cairo Time)


In April 2019, 6 International and 3 national universities participated in the competition, with a total of 34 students, 8 mentors and 14 Judges to help find solutions to challenges facing SWVL; a revolutionary idea that was born from passion, loyalty, and persistence to face all challenges on the table, Swvl is not just a means to facilitate commuting, but a hunger to strive for solutions, encourage the contribution of youth in innovation and inspire change. SWVL is an Egyptian Startup, the first Middle East $USD 1.5 billion ‘unicorn’ to list on Nasdaq US and the largest African unicorn debut on any U.S.-listed exchange

However, providing the outbreak of COVID – 19, and in April 2020, the case competition was held online with 11 AUC student teams competing via Zoom on identifying challenges confronting a full-service digital agency, Robusta Studio; is a tech agency working with a diverse client base across different sectors and industries on implementing digital transformation programs.

ICC’s third run in March 2021 had a flavor from each of the last two case competitions; it was held virtually and targeted international students who wish to learn and find solutions to challenges facing rising startups in Egypt especially beyond the pandemic. ICC 21 had a total of 55 team submissions, comprising a number of 202 participants from 20 nationalities. The case of Schaduf was selected and developed in an academic framework to crack their approach and best practices to deal with the current challenges. Schaduf; one of the pioneers of sustainability in the Middle East since 2011. Schaduf believes in social responsibility towards emerging issues such as food security, food sovereignty, and the expansion of urban spaces at the expense of green spaces. They create more sustainable and eco-friendly urban cities. They specialize in diverse sections of services to make sure that they deliver the goal of sustainable urban cities, such as landscape design, urban farming, green walls, green roofs.

Despite the different structures of the 2019, 2020, and 2021 case competitions, all proved to be highly impactful and memorable to the students and the startups, mentors, judges, and the entire team. And same as ICC 21, ICC 22 will be virtual, aiming to include more international teams.


  • Help students from different majors organize their thinking around an integrative planning framework while sprinting out innovative and constructive solutions.
  • Provide incentives for students to apply their best learning practices to a real business case in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially after the pandemic.
  • Help rising entrepreneurial ventures solve their challenges unconventionally; while supporting their journeys.
  • Promote cultural exchange between the different teams and help to improve communication skills between the students.
  • Assist students with building an effective network with employers, moving their school–based knowledge to the labor market.


The competition aims at empowering innovative students and university networks through engaging them in developing solutions to enhance the business operations of emerging startups facing the current challenges mainly provided by the outbreak of COVID – 19. A scale-up case is selected and developed in an academic framework to crack their approach and best practices to deal with the current challenges.

Social Media Exposure

An intensive social media campaign will be run, using Business Association, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center, as well as, School of Business official media channels, which cultivate following of over 30,000 national and international students, faculty and staff, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt and globally.


All ICC sessions will be recorded for fair use purposes. CEI may use your photos, videos, or quotes for promotional purposes, and these may be circulated in the CEI printings, website, and social media accounts. This right may be used by the CEI partners and sponsors, including but not limited to, KCC, BA, and the AUC School of Business. Judges will have access to these recordings for evaluation purposes. We rely heavily on these recordings to promote further ICC versions among the interested individuals, and your mandatory acceptance to release them will be highly appreciated.

By participating in ICC, you acknowledge and agree that CEI and its partners and sponsors have the irreversible unconditional right to use these recordings under the fair use rules.

Generally speaking, this right is NOT negotiable. However, if you have concerns about the use of the mentioned recordings, please contact before applying to the competition. Such cases will be resolved on a case-by-case basis.

Competition Timeline

Application Open

Feb 2, 2022, at 12:00 Mid-night (Cairo Local Time)

Application Closed

Feb 26, 2022, at 12 Mid-night (Cairo Local Time)

Acceptance Email

Feb 28, 2022: Check your email regularly on this day

Opening Ceremony

March 2, 2022: Orientation session and students on-boarded

Case Crack

March 4, 2022: Case is announced, competition started, and teams are working for 24 hours

Competition Day

March 5, 2022: Students present presentations

Second Round

5-top-winner presentations and winner is announced.

Call For Investors for Africa Business Concept Challenge

We are proud to announce the second annual Africa Business Concept Challenge (ABCC) in partnership with Peaqs. This virtual business concept competition for African undergraduate and graduate students will challenge teams to design a viable business concept that addresses a locally-relevant challenge or problem related to Agenda 2063, and inclusive and sustainable development.

As part of this experience, teams will compete on the Peaqs platform in a virtual stock market on the Peaqs platform.  We are recruiting investors to participate in this crucial portion of the competition.  You will be asked to invest on one or both competition games to determine which team has the best developed idea in each phase.  The following are the times for investing:

  • Phase 1: March 25th
  • Phase 2: March 30th through April 4th
  • Phases 3, 4, & 5: April 10th through 17th

This interactive part of the competition is fun and engaging and we welcome any professionals, researchers, teaching assistants, and more to participate as investors.  If you are interested, you can complete a form of expression found below and share with your network.

The more Investors and Investor Experts in the market game, the more realistic an experience the teams can have.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email Maddie Handler at  We look forward to welcoming new investors this year and are very excited to see the ideas that are developed by students!

WAIFC Young Academic Award 2022: World Alliance of International Financial Centers

We invite young academics to submit papers or essays on the future of a sustainable and inclusive financial sector.

The global financial sector continues to undergo rapid evolution with new technologies enabling the digitization of money, innovative trends involving artificial intelligence and DLT, and a greater focus on financing SMEs and financial inclusion.  We see a long-term transition toward a sustainable financial industry, while in the short-term there is a need to support the economic recovery from the pandemic.

We invite young academics to submit papers or essays addressing one of the following topics:

  • The future of finance, or what will financial centers look like in 2030
  • How the financial sector can contribute to a sustainable economic recovery from the current pandemic
  • Innovations in sustainable finance and their impact on the financial industry
  • How financial centers can promote inclusive finance
  • New ways of successfully financing small and medium-sized enterprises

We will also consider papers on topics not mentioned above, but relevant to the work of international financial centers.

The top three finalists will have the unique opportunity to present their research at WAIFC’s Annual General Meeting to be held in Casablanca, Morocco in October 2022.  Our Chair will announce the winner of the best paper and award a prize of €3,000.  The runners-up will be awarded prizes of €2,000 (2nd place) and €1,000 (3rd place).

Who can enter?

We invite young academics from around the world to make a submission. WAIFC is a global organization, and we aim to make this a global competition. The Award is open to all countries, including non-WAIFC member countries.  As our focus is on finance, we particularly encourage submissions from Ph.D. students in finance, economics, mathematics, computer science, or other similar fields to participate. We are, however, seeking new ideas, so a background in any field of study is welcome as long as your paper or essay relates to finance and meets our submission criteria. Submissions are welcome from those in universities, research institutes, think tanks, and other similar institutions.

Multiple authors can contribute to a paper or essay, but as we are seeking ideas from bright young minds, at least one author must be under the age of 35 as of 15 June 2022.

How will the winners be selected?

We will assess the papers against the following criteria: (1) novelty, (2) topicality, (3) innovative thinking, (4) scientific merit, (5) relevance for financial centers, and (6) practical applicability.

How to apply?

Applications to submit your paper or essay may be made no later than 15 May 2022 via our submission form.  Your final paper or essay must be submitted no later than 15 June 2022.

Full details on who can enter, how to enter, assessment criteria, etc. are detailed within our Award Handbook.  If you have any further questions, please email

We look forward to receiving your submissions and hopefully meeting you in Casablanca later this year.

About the WAIFC

The World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC) is a non-profit association registered in Belgium, representing 21 leading international financial centers across four continents.  WAIFC members are governments agencies, associations, and similar institutions developing and promoting their financial centers.  WAIFC facilitates cooperation between its members, exchanging best practices and communication with the general public.

28th CEEMAN & Emerald Case Writing Competition- Open for Submissions


Read all about the 2021 winners and highly commended cases HERE!

The aim of the CEEMAN & Emerald Case Writing Competition is to encourage and promote the development of high-quality teaching case material relevant for the realities of dynamic and emerging economies, and at the same time to promote the development of case-writing capabilities in those countries. Since its launch in the 1990s, the Case Writing Competition has amassed over 650 cases from 80 countries, and it is with pleasure that we observe what an impact they have had on management education that strives to be relevant to its environments and stakeholders.

In the spirit of a fully inclusive competition, global submissions are encouraged. As the co-organizers, Emerald Group Publishing will support global exposure of the submitted high-quality cases through a direct link with Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies  (EMCS), a growing collection of around 700 case studies with teaching notes. All case submissions will be considered for international publication in EMCS.

The total CEEMAN/Emerald award prize pool is worth over €10,000, including €4,000 prize money. Prizes are awarded to the overall winner and two runners-up.

We are pleased to offer feedback to authors of cases submitted to this competition early. If you submit your case before 28 February 2022, you will receive some feedback from the judges of the competition, and be able to revise and resubmit your case before 17 April for final judging. Please note the early feedback will be brief, general comments on the focus of your case/teaching notes that will help you improve for the competition and is not full double blind peer review. You will receive in depth feedback once your case is submitted for peer review in EMCS.

Webinar on writing teaching cases: Tuesday, 30 November 2021, 4:00-5:00 PM CET – Watch the recording!

Second webinar on case writing: March 2022

Early case submission deadline: 28 February 2022

Case submission deadline: 17 April 2022 

Announcement of winners: June 2022

Award ceremony: winners will be announced during the CEEMAN Annual Meeting at the CEEMAN Annual Conference, taking place on 21-23 September 2022 in Bled, Slovenia.


The value of the total prize pool is over €10,000, which will be distributed as follows:

The overall winner will be awarded:

The first runner-up will be awarded:

The second runner-up will be awarded:

Depending on the quality and number of submissions, additional awards may be bestowed in different categories. If a winning case has more than one author, the prize will be split among the co-authors (the prize may be subject to local taxes). Full evaluations from the competition’s judging panel will be made available to authors upon request.