GBSN for Sustainable Finance & ESG Investments Impact Community


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Julianna LaBelle,


Sustainable finance and ESG impact investment are amongst the most potent tools to help address some of the fundamental challenges that modern society is facing. How can the finance and investment sector do more to accelerate the transformation of business for sustainability?

There is a need to address the current asymmetry in ESG information, knowledge, research, capacity building, capability development and actual implementation between the Global North and The Global South. Deep cooperation between the global North and South on one hand and South-South on the other could and should be led by business schools from across the globe. In this quest for building a learning community for sharing resources, taking collective action and ultimately leading to positive impact – GBSN calls on its network of leading institutions to be the vanguard of change when it comes to creating impact and inclusive economies.

The GBSN for Sustainable Finance & ESG Investment Impact Community is a forum for educators interested in exploring how to take sustainable finance to the next level. This group of institutions commit to increase awareness and support from a North to South perspective and to increase cooperation from a South to South perspective. We aim to start this dialogue by involving business schools from across the world and with organizations which have domain expertise. 

A team of academic leaders from three GBSN member schools have been named Chairs of this Impact Community. The Chairs will provide leadership, direction and impetus to the impact community and to sustainable finance and ESG investment initiatives within GBSN. Academics from business schools across the globe are invited to join the GBSN for Sustainable Finance & ESG Investment Impact Community. 


The GBSN Impact Community for Sustainable Finance & ESG Investments is designed to have the following general objectives:

Improve the perception and management of risks and opportunities associated with ESG factors.

Contribute to unlocking sustainable financial flows and positively impact the societies in the developing world.

Making local businesses more perennial and sustainable.


  • Aditya Singh

    Athena School of Management
  • Viviane Torinelli

    Co-Founder Brazilian Alliance of Sustainable Finance and Investments (BRASFI)
    Guest Professor FDC for Sustainable Finance and Investment
  • Felipe Calderon

    Head, Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business
    Asian Institute of Management (AIM)

Interested in Joining this Group?

Schools are not required to join GBSN for individuals to participate. Participation in the group is meant to be inclusive. Individuals interested in joining the Global Business School Network for Sustainable Finance & ESG Investment should complete the online sign-up form below.