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Wits Business School launches new MBA in the field of Healthcare Leadership

Wits Business School (WBS) has launched a new MBA in the field of Healthcare Leadership (MBA-HL) and will welcome its first cohort in March 2024.

At a virtual information session, Prof Maurice Radebe, Head and Director of WBS, said: “We have entered a new post-pandemic era in healthcare where the global quest for fair and comprehensive health coverage creates numerous challenges. There are no easy solutions, but one thing we are sure of: we need skilled leaders who are equipped to shape the future of healthcare in South Africa and beyond.”

Developing leaders who have a positive impact is at the core of WBS’s mission, particularly in areas critical to Africa’s future. The School introduced the first academic programmes in African energy leadership, digital business, and African philanthropy, and a specialisation in healthcare has been on the cards for some time.

“A well-functioning, equitable and modern healthcare system is critical to our country’s future. We are very excited to be able to offer an MBA designed to meaningfully contribute to the transformation of this vital sector,” said Radebe.

The new MBA-HL is targeted at individuals who already work in the healthcare sector, including both medical professionals (doctors, specialists, pharmacists, or nurses) and managers or administrators. 

“The MBA-HL is an NQF level 9 qualification but is distinctive from our generalist MBA in that all 12 core courses are focused on healthcare specifically. These include modules such as, Healthcare Economics, Entrepreneurship in Healthcare, Managing the Healthcare Value Chain, Ethics in Healthcare Leadership, and Strategies for Leading Change in Healthcare,” explains Prof Logan Rangasamy, Academic Director at WBS.

In addition to the core and elective courses is the Leadership Quest which has long been one of the distinguishing features of the WBS MBA. “The Leadership Quest encourages deep introspection into personal areas for growth. It is a transformative personal development journey which focuses on ethics and continuous learning,” says Rangasamy.

“As South Africa embarks on a journey to national health insurance (NHI), there’s a pressing need for leaders who understand both the healthcare landscape and the intricacies of management. WBS is committed to developing this cohort of professionals, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of healthcare challenges in South Africa,” says Dr Pino Mavengere, the Programme Director of the MBA-HL.

Beyond South Africa’s own challenges, students will gain exposure to international best practice in healthcare management through lectures by foreign academics and registering for electives at international partner universities, as well as a global study tour.

“We have also established several partnerships in the delivery of the programme and will be using experts from Wits University, the private sector, academics/experts from the US and Europe to teach,” says Mavengere.

The MBA-HL will be offered on a part-time basis and will comprise a combination of both face-to-face and online classes.