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Woxsen University Launches the Prime Consortium of Innovative Universities

Woxsen University through its various Centres of Excellence, launches rankings to award top performers from various walks of life and corporate houses. The Centre of Excellence at Woxsen University, in collaboration with its Global Partner Universities, provides research, leadership, skill training to boost productivity, address emerging skill gaps and align research with industry needs.

Woxsen University announces the launch of the ā€˜Consortium of Innovative Universitiesā€™ (CIU) formed by a group of high performing educational institutions that collaborate to achieve a common objective: NextGen educational excellence.

The common pool of resources and intellectual capabilities will ensure learners can benefit from a broader range of assets. Today, the CIU represents a rare and increasingly important inter-regional network, aimed at stimulating dialogue among groups of students, faculty, and officials. Each of the institutions, represented by one senior faculty member called a CIU Principal, may nominate their students to attend the events.

The member institutions may host, co-organize, and jointly participate in all major events/annual conferences/competitions/exchange opportunities. They shall join participants from the member network based on availability of funds, location, and thematic focus of each particular event. Any major opportunities within the partner institutions shall be shared within the CIU as well.

Woxsen believes the CIU will set a differential benchmark in higher education with an invite-only group of varsities that operate with the similar dynamic spirit.