GBSN Member Schools

BI Students Win Competition with Essay on AI Revolution

MSc students Philipp Athanasiadis and Johannes Javorsky came out on top with their essay discussing who really stands to gain from the rapid rise of generative AI.  The two are this year’s winners of BI’s Opinion Essay Competition, which is organised as part of the master course Ethics and Sustainability in Organizations each semester.  “We… Read more >

Towards #futureyou: Woxsen University’s Apprise Conference for Gender Equity and Global Connectivity

Woxsen University successfully hosted the inaugural Apprise Initiative, a day-long event that championed gender parity and empowered women in leadership roles. The event brought together prominent figures from government, academia, and industry to foster dialogue, empowerment, and cross-cultural exchange. This initiative embodies Woxsen’s idea of Internationalisation by spirit, promoting global collaboration through a deeper understanding… Read more >

Esade to Open New Campus in Madrid in early 2025

The new campus in the Mirasierra district will increase the appeal of this area as a research and education hub, making it significantly more attractive to national and international talent Esade, already well-established in Madrid since its arrival more than 25 years ago, is set to open a new campus in the Spanish capital in… Read more >

Model UN on Climate Change offers thrilling insight on sustainability policies and global negotiations

In today’s fast-evolving global landscape, addressing climate change has become an urgent priority. As we confront the dual challenges of environmental crisis and opportunity, we must arm ourselves with the knowledge, skills, and determination needed to forge a sustainable future. On March 12 and 13, 2024, the roleplay United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change… Read more >

FEBA, Sofia University will support SMEs from the Danube region to increase their innovation potential in the field of new materials

As a project partner in the project “Knowhow Communities for Accelerating RTI Transfer in the Danube Region – RTIT>>”, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) will provide knowledge and competences for the development and pilot testing in Bulgaria of innovative tools and methods for the transfer of scientific research, technology and innovation (RTI)…. Read more >

Digital Decarbonisation at the World Economic Forum

Loughborough Business School’s Professors Tom Jackson and Ian Hodgkinson have joined by invitation the ‘ICT Roundtable Series: The Industry’s Energy Transition’ – a collaboration between the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Energy and Materials, the Forum’s ICT Industry team, and Accenture. The focus of the roundtable series is to horizon scan the landscape and uncover… Read more >

AUC School of Business Holds 5th Edition of Annual Business Forum About the Changing Role of Business Schools in Society

Roundtable 1 on “Real Estate Investment in a Challenging Economic Environment” illuminated the path for meaningful growth in real estate, advocating for a knowledge-driven approach to market challenges. Roundtable 2 on “Beyond the Pyramids: Crafting a Sustainable Future for Hospitality and TourismManagement in Egypt” uncovered the potential for a reimagined Egyptian experience, underpinned by skilled… Read more >

Open University will empower a new generation of Black leaders

Learners will be guided to develop skills in leadership communication, influence, problem solving, and building and maintaining coalitions for change. They will have the chance to meet and share their experiences, learning from one another and working together to produce Black leaders of the future in business and in the community. Modules will be delivered… Read more >