Student Track

For students of business and management who want to learn and make a positive impact on society

GBSN Beyond is the premier global experience for business schools and universities. It involves students, faculty, and leaders in three parallel tracks and culminates in an international conference that brings the community together for meaningful discussions and activities, and fun too. 

The Student Track engages undergraduate and graduate students across disciplines to solve problems, as well as learn and develop career opportunities Beyond Graduation.

  • Core Experience: Team competition focused on a local humanitarian logistics challenge
  • Career development activities and opportunities
  • Access to Virtual Career Fair and associated networking
  • Learning development workshops and webinars
  • Participation in the virtual GBSN Annual Conference, November 9-13, 2020
  • Health & Well-Being Sessions

In the spirit of accessibility and inclusivity, we are introducing an institutional rate which allows an unlimited number of persons (students, faculty, and administrators) per institution to register and participate in all track activities and the virtual event – reflecting our commitment to supporting schools during these challenging times.

Before registering as an individual, please check with your institution to see if your organization is already registered. The registration form will provide a link to the list of registered institutions.

HUMLOG Student Competition

Workshops Focused on Careers and Learning

Virtual Career Fair by Localized

Access to Virtual Event Sessions

Core Experience

GBSN and the HUMLOG Institute have worked together to bring students a team-oriented, interactive digital competition experience, that drives solution development in their own backyard. We are moving beyond the traditional competition and allowing for absolute creativity and exploration for sustainable humanitarian solutions. We hope you, as participants, are inspired and implement much-needed change in your local communities.


Workshop: Learning in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Even while learning has risen in importance, almost everything about it is changing. Once straight forward questions about what we should learn, and when and how we should learn it, are getting more complex and challenging. In this workshop, Dr. Dan LeClair will explore the changing landscape of management education and what it means for anyone who aims to make a living and a difference in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Workshop: Learning with Cases Online

Learning with cases may be a new and challenging experience for you. In this session our experienced case method tutor, Scott Andrews, will ensure it becomes an enjoyable one too. He will help you to understand how to approach a case, know how to identify and analyze key issues and participate confidently in class discussions – whether they are online or face to face.

Workshop: Building Your Online Brand to Attract Your Future Job

Social Media recruitment has proliferated in recent years as employers and recruiters found a more direct route to reach potential candidates. As individuals with an ever increasing digital footprint, job seekers are frequently reminded to practice good digital ‘hygiene’. While graduates might be encouraged to perform an audit of their online profiles before actively pursuing opportunities, in increasingly divisive times, who becomes the arbiter of what is deemed ‘acceptable’ content?  

Student Track Schedule: October 1-31

Schedule is subject to change.

DEADLINE: Competition Team Sign-Up
Student Networking Session

Introduction to HUMLOG Student Competition

Learning in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Networking Session


Localized Career Fair
Localized Career Fair

HUMLOG Competition Open Q&A Session with Organizers

Building Your Online Brand to Attract Your Future Job
Virtual Yoga

Graduate Program Meet & Greet


HUMLOG Competition Pitch Information Session


Graduate Program Meet & Greet



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