Faculty Track

Welcome to GBSN Beyond’s first faculty simulation lab in partnership with CapsimInbox, where you will bring your work to life!

In the theme of “Beyond,” GBSN and CapsimInbox are partnering to bring faculty an interactive and creative experience that takes knowledge Beyond the Classroom. As participants, you will have the opportunity to form teams and utilize your own research, case studies, experiences, and more to develop your own 45-60 minute CapsimInbox scenario, where students are tested on skills of your choosing. In our virtual global environment, now is the time to bring regional and culturally relevant experiences to life.

Simulation Prompt

As faculty member participants, you are to take current data, research, cases, etc., that you would like to see in CapsimInbox simulation format and provide that information in the application concept. We are looking for creative and innovative geographic locations, cultures, scenarios, and skill sets not usually found in typical curricula.

Ex: You are an Indian manager of an Ethiopian garment factory and are running into cultural barriers for process understanding.

Prize Information

The winning team will be offered a cash prize, along with recognition as a CapsimInbox author and royalty rights. This opportunity allows for portfolio expansion beyond the normal written studies and a personal touch in the new wave of virtual experiential learning.

*Subject to terms and conditions


TimelineProposed Schedule
August 15Registration opens for teams, who can begin concept form development
September 30Last day for team registration
October 1Last day for concept form submissions
November 2Simulation due
November 9-13GBSN Beyond


TimelineSuggested Checkpoints
Checkpoint One
(End of August)
Resources and videos reviewed, IAP Certification offered, concept forms developed
Checkpoint Two
(September 14)
Scenario, roles, skills, and other components should be more developed into a complete concept form
Checkpoint Three
(October 19)
Complete content creation is due
Checkpoint Four
(November 2)
Final submission date
Checkpoint Five
(November 9-13)
GBSN Beyond event, finalized simulations will be presented

Team Formation & Registration

Teams can have 1-3 faculty members, instructional designers, research assistants, and/or PhD students (no more than 3 members). Faculty teams are encouraged to diversify in areas of expertise, universities/schools, and geographic regions.

Teams should register before Wednesday, September 30th at 10:00 PM Eastern Time.

Concept Form

Once resources and the concept development process has been completed, teams are to curate their concept form no later than Thursday, October 1st at 10:00 PM EDT to be emailed to matt.shell@capsim.com and evan.meyer@capsim.com.


Please confirm your submissions and email them to both matt.shell@capsim.com and evan.meyer@capsim.com. Please CC mhandler@gbsn.org.

Your presentations are due beforeMonday, November 2nd at 10 p.m. Eastern Time.


In this first ever faculty experience, who better to judge the experiential learning platforms than the students themselves?  In a twist of events, students (and others) will be provided the opportunity to go through the different simulations in a live demo. They will rank based on favorites and whether they meet the five central criteria.

How well did the version relate to the subject area selected?Did the version create a realistic, high fidelity experience?Was the version experience clear and concise in that the time investment was relative to the value of the participant?Does the version have broad use in academia globally?Was the version creative and fun to experience?

Code of Conduct

GBSN Beyond Faculty Simulation — Terms

The following terms apply to participation in this competition (“Team Competition”).  Entrants may create original solutions, prototypes, visual content, data sets, scripts, or other content, materials, solutions, or discoveries (a “Submission”).  All submissions will abide by the GBSN Conduct Statement Below.

GBSN Conduct

Unethical behavior, including but not limited to plagiarism or academic dishonesty, will automatically lead to the disqualification of the team, as well as banning from future competitions for a period of time to be determined by GBSN, and notification of the representatives of the school.


Photos, videos, and/or other media may be taken in the GBSN Team Competition. By entering and attending this virtual event, you acknowledge and agree that your likeness may be included in photos and videos of the event and used by GBSN and/or CapsimInbox in connection with communications about the GBSN Team Competition or in other communications.

If you do not agree to this usage, please do not attend and contact mhandler@gbsn.org

Tools for Virtual Communication

We will be using Zoom for the webinar resources, which will also be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.  Zoom will also be used for all conversations, trainings, etc. in the development stage.

Pathable is the chosen virtual event tool for the GBSN Beyond experience.  Though Zoom is integrated, Pathable allows for networking, vendor hall communication, and more.


Once successfully registered, teams will be given their slot time information one week prior to the event.

For any program questions or requests, please email GBSN’s Maddie Handler at mhandler@gbsn.org

For any technology questions or requests, please email Capsim’s Matt Shell at matt.shell@capsim.com