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June Cross-Border Collab: EdTech and the Future of HigherEd with Daphne Koller


Thursday, 2 June

11:00am EDT


Hosted on Zoom.


Emma Martens, emartens@gbsn.org

GBSN Members are Invited to June’s Collab: EdTech and the Future of HigherEd with Daphne Koller

From the role of technology to the question of what we ought to know in order to meet the global challenges ahead, discussions will explore the role if education in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable society.

Our June Member Collab will feature an intimate conversation with Daphne Koller, Professor of CS & Pathology at Stanford University, Founder and CEO of insitro, Co-founder of Coursera, and Co-Founder of Engageli. GBSN member ambassadors and leading faculty from across the globe are invited to join this Collab’s discussion around the role of technology in shaping the future of learning and teaching.

With the onset of the global pandemic, academic institutions around the world embraced flexibility, offering hybrid learning environments with both virtual and physical classrooms. The pandemic seems to have spurred a series of innovations and notable trends across the education sector. These changes might give the impression that academia is experiencing some much-needed reform. Yet, these trends don’t necessarily tackle the real challenges facing higher education like — certifying knowledge instead of cultivating the learning experience; being inaccessible to the socio-economically disadvantaged, and focusing on easily-obsolete knowledge and disregarding context. Is business education playing its role in society, and in addressing challenges to access and quality?

We will explore questions like:

  • Which higher education trends and innovations will stick?
  • What will business education look like in the next five years?
  • What are the advantages and downsides of our new, digital world and learning at a distance?
  • With so many lacking the resources or time to access such education, will technology truly deliver equality of opportunity?

Daphne Koller is a trailblazer, using the power of computing and data to transform two massive sectors, education and health. She is the Founder and CEO of insitro, which is using machine learning techniques to revolutionize the drug discovery and development process. She is also the cofounder, former co-CEO, and board member of Coursera which now reaches almost 40 million learners around the world. She has been recognized as one of Time’s Magazine 100 Most Influential People, and is the recipient of many notable awards including the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship. Join us for this closed member convening to hear Daphne’s thoughts on innovation, AI and impact.

Special Guest


Thursday, 2 June, 2022

  • 11:00am Washington D.C.
  • 5:00pm Paris
  • 4:00pm Lagos
  • 8:30pm Mumbai
  • 11:00pm Singapore


Cross-Border Collabs are not open to the public and are only open to GBSN Members. Member ambassadors and leading faculty must register to secure a seat at the table,

What are Cross-Border Collabs?

Cross-Border Collabs are exclusive gatherings for GBSN members, focused on engaging our community to tackle some of the greatest challenges of our time. Facilitated by topic experts, these session will provide a place for our members be active participants in our mission of improving management and entrepreneurship education for the developing world. Collabs are held monthly on every first Thursday of the month. Collabs are an exclusive opportunity for member school ambassadors, deans and leading faculty members. Click here for more information on Cross-Border Collabs