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May Cross-Border Collab


Thursday, 4 May, 2023

8:00am EDT


Hosted on Zoom.


Emma Martens, emartens@gbsn.org

GBSN Members are Invited to May’s Cross-Border Collab: Exploring the Intersection of Business, Sustainability, and Social Impact

For the May Collab, we will have the pleasure of welcoming Vanina Farber, elea Professor of Social Innovation and Dean of the IMD EMBA program. As an award-winning economist and political scientist who specializes in social innovation and the mobilization of private capital for impact investing, Dean Farber will join us to share her insights on a variety of topics including impact investing, blended finance and social innovation.

With her extensive experience in these fields, Dean Farber will guide us through the latest trends and challenges in sustainable business practices and how business schools can integrate these practices into their curriculum. She will highlight the importance of integrating social and environmental considerations into business and finance strategies and how this can lead to long-term value creation.

We hope GBSN Members will join the May Collab to explore the intersection of business, sustainability, and social impact and ask questions like: 

  • What are some of the challenges that business schools face when integrating sustainable business practices into their curriculum, and how can they overcome these challenges?
  • How can social innovation and social entrepreneurship be effectively taught in business schools, and what are some of the key skills and knowledge that students need to develop in order to become successful social innovators and entrepreneurs?
  • What role should business schools play in promoting sustainable finance and impact investing?

Special Guest


Thursday, 4 May, 2023

  • 8:00am Washington D.C.
  • 2:00pm Paris
  • 1:00pm Lagos
  • 5:30pm Mumbai
  • 8:00pm Singapore


Cross-Border Collabs are not open to the public and are only open to GBSN Members. 

What are Cross-Border Collabs?

Cross-Border Collabs are exclusive gatherings for GBSN members, focused on engaging our community to tackle some of the greatest challenges of our time. Facilitated by topic experts, these session will provide a place for our members be active participants in our mission of improving management and entrepreneurship education for the developing world. Collabs are held monthly on every first Thursday of the month. Collabs are an exclusive opportunity for member school ambassadors, deans and leading faculty members.