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Post-Pandemic Innovation: Entrepreneurship and Youth Opportunities


Tuesday, 5 October

10:00 PT / 17:00 PM GMT



At the height of the pandemic, without cutting-edge solutions in the technology industry, many companies may have had to shut down operations altogether. So which solutions or technologies that emerged as a result of the pandemic will have a long or lasting impact on our lives, and what are some of the opportunities for youth entrepreneurship?

Kiki Mwiti, Founder and CEO of DYVVYD (a ​​Diversity & Inclusion Platform and Digital Community for Investors and Startups), will answer these questions and discuss how you can turn your idea into a reality and the importance of building and engaging in collaborative communities.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

– Future of work
– Essential skills for aspiring entrepreneurs
– Tech industry trends, challenges, and opportunities caused by the
– The importance of building and joining collaborative communities
– Entrepreneurship: validating Ideas, bootstrapping and developing an
MVP on a low budget, pitching to investors and making your product
investment ready, feedback
– Is your product Silicon-Valley worthy?
– Mentorship: how to find and connect with mentors