Woxsen University – 2nd AI SUMMIT 2022

General Information

School of Business, Woxsen University in collaboration with University of St. Thomas, MN, USA is organizing the 2nd AI SUMMIT 2022 on 25th and 26th November, 2022. The summit partners are Course5 Intelligence, Advertflair, Apt AI Labs and Taylor and Francis Group. It is supported by AI and Robotics club, Woxsen University.

The summit will have an enlightening panel discussion on the topic “The future of behavioral sciences in AI” and “How AI can help create winning business strategies”. Experts from different corners of the world are going to be the part of this panel discussion. 

The summit will also see two keynote speakers sharing their valuable knowledge in the field of AI and its applications across domains.

2nd AI SUMMIT 2022 is also going to conduct a 6 hours hands-on workshop on the topic “Machine learning to augment strategic business decision”.

This summit is going to discuss the upcoming trends of AI and its various applications across domains. The summit shares the vision to provide an enriching experience to the participants and a knowledge sharing platform for both academicians and practitioners.

ISDSI Global Conference 2022

Location: Electronic City, Bengaluru, India.
Event Start & End Date: 27-29 December, 2022

Event Description

Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) is hosting the ISDSI (International Society for Data Science and Innovation) – Global Conference 2022 at its Bengaluru Campus (Electronic City) from the 27th to the 29th of December 2022. 

The Theme of the conference is ‘Building sustainable businesses in the phygital world’

In the context of building successful phygital businesses enabled by data science and innovative practices, and to discuss the sustainability of such businesses in the long run, the conference will feature theme-based workshops for faculty and doctoral students, parallel technical tracks, Directors’ Panel, Editors’ Panel, networking with senior scholars, and many more sessions.

The ISDSI-G International Conference will witness discussions on 11 key tracks, i.e., Business Responsibility and Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science Applications, FinTech, Industry 4.0, Digital Economy, Cyber Security for Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Future of Management Education and Future of Work.

Paper Submission Information

The Conference will feature Best Paper Awards to recognize the top 6 high impact papers (3 doctoral researc​h papers + 3 regular submission research papers) from the conference. Please note that only full papers will be eligible for the Best Paper Awards.

Conference Leadership & International Advisory Board

Steward Leadership 25 (SL25) & Steward Leadership Summit (SLS)

Steward Leadership 25

An initiative jointly curated by Stewardship Asia Centre, INSEAD Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society, WTW and The Straits Times, the Steward Leadership 25 (SL25) is an annual listing of the 25 best stories of steward leadership excellence within the Asia-Pacific region. It seeks to showcase the 25 best narratives from organizations that have demonstrated resolute actions in pursuing and achieving their own unique versions of stewardship purpose while living stewardship values. Come 25-26 July, the jury of SL25 consists of distinguished judges will meet and discuss over the judging kit and the qualitative criteria to be applied on the received nominations stories.

Nomination Requirements

Submissions should demonstrate how your initiatives or policies demonstrate steward leadership to create a collective better future articulated in your organizational purpose. These projects should have occurred between March 1, 2019 and March 1, 2022.

The SL25 listing covers the Asia-Pacific region and accepts entries from the following categories:

  1. Large and Multinational Companies
  2. Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  3. Social Enterprises

The best 25 steward leadership success stories will be chosen from among these three categories.

Steward Leadership Summit

Stay tuned for The Steward Leadership Summit (SLS) which is happening on November 30, 2022 in Singapore, where the top 25 best stories of organizations in Asia-Pacific that have demonstrated steward leadership excellence will be revealed and showcased. The SLS is slated to be a one-day high profile annual event attended by business, government and civil society leaders from around the Asia-Pacific region. Distinguished speakers and experts from all over the world shall be invited to discuss key issues around the practice of stewardship in all its forms. The forum will be structured around talks from experts in the field, panel discussions, and debates on provocative topics to encourage participants to be better stewards.

More Details to be Released in Due Time

Microlearning Instructional Design Level 1 Certification Workshop

MID Live Workshop

Wednesday June 1, 2022

12PM – 3 PM

Join the MID Live Workshop to be certified in Microlearning Instructional Design Level 1 for free!

While the program is self-guided and can be completed in an average of 2-3 hours, Gnowbe’s goal is to help you set aside a three-hour block of time to sit down and complete it in one sitting, with Gnowbe facilitators available to help you along the way with any questions you may have.

Don’t put it off another day – sign up now to join a community of content creators from around the world and complete the certification together!


Make a free Gnowbe account before jumping on, then you will receive a link to Gnowbe’s FREE MID Level 1 Scholarship at the beginning of the workshop on June 1st. Be sure to get there on time!

Executive Council Forum 2022-Woxsen University- Defining Purpose in HighEd: From India to the World

Event Information

Theme: Fostering NextGen Learners: Vision 2035
Location: Woxsen University, Hyderabad, India
Dates: 20th and 21st December, 2022

Event Overview

Woxsen University (Hyderabad, India) is organizing a global high-strategic meeting- Executive Council Forum 2022, reserved for Deans/Directors/Rectors and executive positions of similar characteristics. Additionally, top C-level executives from the Indian subcontinent will be present.

The purpose is simple: To truly define where we have reached and where we are going in HighEd, defining from the strategy to the ground activities to ensure a sustainable and socially impactful educational model. Woxsen University recently organized the Global Impact Summit 2022, represented by 15 countries and national dignitaries in a 4-day platform that led to multiple collaborations, the signing of chair professorships and the formation of a Centre of Excellence in ERS.

Woxsen University would like to invite you to nominate your executive members, to participate in this high-level forum. They will also be issuing a set of awards in the categories below:

Award Categories

  1. Exemplar High Impact Research 
  2. Outstanding Industry-Academia collaboration 
  3. Social Responsibility Award
  4. International Network Collaboration Award
  5. Building NextGen Entrepreneurs Award

Key Topics:

  1. Understanding the Evolving Needs of Learners V2035
  2. Bringing Climate Change into the Classroom
  3. Digitalisation is here to stay: Time to Transform
  4. The Future of Lifelong Education
  5. From Narrative to Action on ERS/D&I
  6. Bringing Common Sense to HighEd through Entrepreneurship
  7. How to marry Industry and Academia?


260 USD, equivalent to INR 20,000 (this includes accommodation in a 6 star hotel, meals and local transportation for the entire duration of the forum)

AAPBS 2022 Academic Conference: Teaching Innovation in Business Education

Date & Time

Wednesday, June 1 | 12:00 AM EST

Thursday, June 2 | 12:00 AM EST



NUCB Business School is proud to have been selected by the Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS) to host the 2022 AAPBS Academic Conference, sponsored by Peregrine Global Services, the Association of MBAs, and the Business Graduates Association. The conference’s keynote speakers and plenary sessions will focus on Teaching Innovation in Business Education, welcoming educators and industry experts to listen and take part in discussion on how the evolving nature of the global marketplace necessitates new approaches to equipping and reskilling future leaders of business.

All program events will be delivered via the web conferencing platform Zoom. Depending on whether a sufficient number of interested registrants is reached, additional events (including catered networking sessions and company visits) may be scheduled for on-site participants for a supplementary event fee.

Lunch will be sponsored by the Association of MBAs and the Business Graduates Association.

Please see the registration form for more information.

Application Deadline

Sunday, May 1

Summary of Topics

  • Digital Transformation in Business Education
  • Future of Management Education and its Implications for Business Schools
  • New Development of Case Methods
  • Active Learning

Tentative Schedule

AACSB Middle East Conference (In-Person)


Conference Location

University of Bahrain, Sakhir Campus, Kingdom of Bahrain

Join us to gain insight into business education trends in the Middle East, while networking with thought leaders and peers from the region. This event will focus on quality business education through the lens of AACSB accreditation, as well as opportunities for collaboration and relationship-building with your peers in the region.

Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in an environment of strategic thinking about how your school can continuously improve. AACSB leadership and experienced accreditation liaisons will be available for questions and meetings. Don’t miss this chance to represent your school at this important conference.

Who Should Attend

Deans, associate deans, department chairs, and faculty at business schools in the Middle East, as well as professionals from business schools worldwide working or seeking to work with schools in the Middle East region.


By clicking to register and attend the event in-person, you agree that you have reviewed the Health & Safety Commitment and Guidelines in the Hotel and Travel section. You agree and understand the specific risks and nonetheless accept them in order to utilize AACSB’s services and attend an event.


Location, Hotel and Travel Information

Pricing (USD)

AACSB Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific (In-Person)

Engage with the best business schools from the Asia Pacific region to discover best practices and new innovations at the Asia Pacific Accreditation Conference at Singapore Management University!  Discuss how the 2020 Business Accreditation standards are making an impact and how we can use our assurance of learning systems to create leaders focused on generating positive societal change.


Attending the AP Accreditation Conference is your opportunity to connect to business school leaders on unique regional issues, trends, and best practices focused on quality assurance for your school—regardless of whether you are in the initial stages of accreditation or if you are getting ready for your next continuous improvement review.

Engage and discuss matters based on:

  • The continuous review process
  • Aligning your school with the 2020 business accreditation standards
  • Measuring and implementing initiatives that generate a positive societal impact
  • Networking and building connections with decision makers in business education



Location, Hotel and Travel Information

Business Accreditation Seminar

Build skills and network in interactive, workshop-style lessons focused on each accreditation standard, allowing you to create effective plan of action for your school. Click here to learn more about the Business Accreditation Seminar taking place in Singapore June 6–7. 

Register now for the Business Accreditation Seminar (June 6–7) and the Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific (June 8–10) and pay 1,540 USD.

2022 EFMD Middle East and Africa Conference

Event Details

This conference tackles the specificities of both Africa and the Middle East regions in common plenary sessions and in separate tracks, specifically targeting relevant issues for both regions. The conference addresses topics such as ongoing trends and new developments in management education, inside, and outside of the two regions. It promotes an active debate between regional actors and participants from other regions of the world.

Business school professionals that attend the conference will develop higher levels of insights on how to approach challenges in the upcoming years, while also strengthening their networks across the regions.

Supported by EFMD steering committee members
This conference is designed with the expertise of our committee members from the following institutions:

Target Group:

Deans, Associate Deans, Directors of Programs, those in charge of External Relations or International Relations with an interest in the Middle East and Africa regions.

Strategic Partner:



Practical Information

Early Bird Fee until 28 February: 

  • EFMD Full & Affiliated member: € 360 plus 21% VAT
  • EFMD non-member: € 420 plus 21% VAT

Normal Fee from 1 March: 

  • EFMD Full & Affiliated member: € 510 plus 21% VAT
  • EFMD non-member: € 595 plus 21% VAT

Special Fee for Regional Participants:

  • € 180 plus 21% VAT

25% discount on the applicable fee will be available for every second and further participant from the same institution. Please contact to receive the promotional code if you are the second or third participant from your institution.

Cancellations must be confirmed in writing. If EFMD receives notice of your withdrawal before 28/02/2022, a cancellation administrative fee of (75€ plus 21% VAT) will be charged. Thereafter, we regret that we are unable to refund any fees. However, in such cases, substitutes are welcome at no extra cost as long as EFMD receives the notification of the name, title and address of the substitute.

Please note that if we haven’t received your payment (or proof of payment) before the start of the conference, you will not have access to the online conference platform.