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GBSN and EFMD Going BEYOND Awards: Submissions open until 1 September

The GBSN-EFMD Going BEYOND Awards are designed to highlight and share programs and initiatives that strengthen society, demonstrate community impact and embody the spirit of inclusive and sustainable development. Qualifying entries describe programs and initiatives that have demonstrated a positive impact on society BEYOND the traditional degree programs offered by institutions and academic research published in journals.

Top entries will be invited to participate in a plenary session during the conference Nov 7-9 and will be published into a collective report that will be made available to all GBSN Beyond participants and to the GBSN and EFMD global networks. The submission deadline for program entries is September 1.

Program entries demonstrate one or more of the following values:

Empowers and Enables People

GBSN and EFMD are especially interested in programs
targeting people who have been historically excluded from
management education and development activities. For
example, programs targeting people in developing countries,
vulnerable populations such as refugees or low income
neighborhoods, rural communities without basic
infrastructure, etc.

Demonstrates Contextual Relevance

Global connectivity can support local development.
Describe how the program creates value through
international connections, whether it be through GBSN,
EFMD or other means.

Catalyzes Inclusive and Sustainable Development

The program has a direct positive impact on society beyond
helping learners to find jobs or insights that can be shared
from a published article. GBSN and EFMD are looking for
programs that benefit business in a way that fosters
sustainability and approaches beyond the narrow view on
short-term profit making and shareholders.

International Connectivity and Collaboration

GBSN and EFMD believe that learning is the most effective
when it is contextually relevant. The program or initiative
should have special meaning within the context most relevant
for learners. For example, the programs can show how
content is localized and/or leverages peer-to-peer learning
and builds in context-specific experiential learning.