Program Itinerary

The next Global Himalayan Expedition will be August 17 – 25, 2019.

Day 1: Building, Binding and Bonding

You will fly into Leh from New Delhi. Bounded by two of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges, the Himalayas and the Karakoram, Leh lies at an altitude of 12000 ft. You will be received at the airport by the GHE team leaders and welcomed with the traditional Ladakhi silk scarf “Khatak”. You will then be transferred to your hotel where you will be stationed for the next two days. The remainder of the arrival day is for you to relax and acclimatize.


  • Building: Relations with fellow participants

    Students will participate in networking Getting to know fellow participants

  • Binding: Understanding and accepting diversity

    Creating a safe space for sharing & learning

  • Bonding: Over a shared vision & common goals

    Including everyone towards the mission

Day 2: Multi-Stakeholder Approach

Today begins with a visit to the Leh City and a learning experience on the background of the ancient heritage. We will take a tour of the Leh Fort and the Old City, followed by a visit to the Monastery, where we shall get in touch with the ancient religion of Buddhism and its ideologies.


  • Understanding local context

    Know the region and the culture

  • Meeting Local Stakeholders

    Importance of Stakeholder Engagement

  • Building trust and creating sustainable models

    Circular Economies in practice

Day 3: Trust and Teamwork

Biking on the dirt trails of Ladakh, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and powered by the will to keep paddling forward, you will indulge in an experience which cannot be matched in any way. It will be perfect opportunity to prepare yourself physically for the challenging trek they would be encountering in a few days time.


  • Team Building

    Knowing the strengths & opportunities

  • Personal Endurance

    Challenging your own limits

  • Situational leadership

    Learning to adapt to diverse environments

Day 4: Respect the Past

We will be offering a special morning prayer at the famous Monastery, praying for the long life of the grid and blessings for all the participants. After the prayers, we shall begin our trek to the village and camp midway.


  • Understanding the local context

    Learn what matters to the communities

  • Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

    Immersion into the cultural aspect

  • Importance of Civilizations

    Insight into the ancient sustainable lifestyles

Day 5: Impact of your Actions

This is the most beautiful time of the expedition, when you are out there surrounded by mountains, trekking towards the village. We will cross passes, glacial water streams and be in the lap of nature. We are greeted by the villagers with traditional ceremony and Khataks and rest for the night.


  • Climate Change and its Impact

    Experience first-hand Climate Change impact

  • Responsible Leadership

    Taking accountability of buddy on the trek

  • Peer to Peer Learning

    Fostering deeper bonds

Day 6: Innovation & Creative Leadership

We begin the day with the team divided into groups, and each group taking a part of the village to begin the electrification work. Experience the way the local people live in their homes, and see their faces lighten up when you install the bulbs and bulb holders into their rooms.


  • Design thinking

    Interacting & understanding community needs

  • Innovation on the go

    Creative ideas for setting up the Solar Grids

  • Learning by Doing

    Understanding and deploying renewable energy

Day 7: Celebrating Success

Today is going to be a very special day. The team will bring light to the remote Himalayan village, ending eons of darkness that it was immersed in for ages. After breakfast, the Team shall get started to set up the solar panels, wire the rooms and lay out the battery packs. The installed grid will then be inaugurated by the head monk of the monastery, post which we shall have a celebratory dinner, and not to forget, the tasting of the famous local Chang!


  • Building sustainable infrastructure

    Integrating sustainability in social impact

  • Identifying your purpose

    Find your inspiration and what excites you

  • Creating win-win scenarios

    Understanding the importance of success

Day 8: Reflect and Consolidate

Time to head back to the civilization. The team will trek back to the motorable road. The trek time will be approx. 2 hours. The afternoon will be a leisure day for the team to visit the Leh market and pick up souvenirs, including Pashmina, Apricot based food products and other local handicrafts.


  • Experience Sharing

    Personal and Professional development

  • Impact Assessment

    Understanding the on-ground Impact

  • Scaling the impact

    Align on how to scale the impact created