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The present-day business community calls for digital-savvy, problem-solving graduates. Today’s digital generation of learners and busy working professionals desire flexibility, convenience and real-world relevance. Business schools have had to adapt to meet these needs. GBSN member, The Open University is dedicated to offering a flexible higher education, accessible to students anywhere in the world. Since its beginnings over forty years ago, The OU has pioneered distance learning – and now its pioneering all over again with use of digital technology.

ESSEC Business School Renews its Global BBA Program

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CERGY, JUNE 8, 2017 – True to its tradition of innovation and the pioneering spirit that it has embodied since its creation, ESSEC Business School’s Global BBA Program will evolve in September 2017. The program has been redesigned to better meet students’ expectations and aspirations, to develop their talent and to transform them into responsible and committed professionals capable of anticipating and coping with the many challenges of our time. The program will incorporate new courses; a curriculum oriented more towards entrepreneurship, digital technology and the humanities; and more inter-campus mobility. ESSEC’s Global BBA, a four-year internationally-oriented program, is one … Read More