CEO’s Message: Creating Locally-Relevant Content and Experiences

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Dear GBSN Member Teams, Thank you for such a warm welcome to the Global Business School Network (GBSN). It has been a little more than a month since I started as CEO. During that time I met many of you and have been energized by the work we are doing together. Your commitment to improving access to quality, locally relevant management and entrepreneurship education for the developing world is palpable. And that makes GBSN truly distinctive and vital to the future not only of management education, but also of business and society. As you read this letter, the GBSN Experiential … Read More

Reflections from MDI 2018: Solving Africa’s Health Challenges

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As part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UN members have committed to achieving Universal Health Coverage by 2030.  How will African countries reach this goal? Johnson & Johnson’s Management Development Institute (MDI) believes that by providing health workers with the management and leadership skills and tools, the efficiency and effectiveness with which scarce resources are used will improve thus strengthening overall health systems. The MDI for East African healthcare professionals took place August 5-11, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya.  The training is delivered by Amref Health Africa using professors from GBSN member schools including the Chandaria School of Business at … Read More

ISM Dakar Hosts Management Development Institute Francophone Training for Healthcare Professionals

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The Global Business School Network (GBSN) is proud to have been managing the Johnson and Johnson funded Management Development Institute (MDI) for over a year now. In this time, the program has grown from 3 delivery partners to 5, who deliver 6 in-person trainings in 3 languages (English, French and Portuguese). The 2018 MDI trainings kicked off on July 22nd, 2018 with MDI Francophone in Senegal.  Our Executive Director, Fabienne Jolivert had the opportunity to take part and experienced first-hand the commitment of each participant to learn and share their experience with one another. 2018 marks the third round of … Read More

The Innovation Process: A Socio-Cognitive Analysis

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Nowadays, innovation is a key dimension in the performance of business organizations. In contexts that are more and more dynamic and competitive, and where clients have become more demanding, firms need to distinguish themselves by developing new products and services, and/or improving their processes to gain in terms of productivity. Through innovation, they are asked to build a competitive advantage by meeting new expectations from customers and entering new markets or adopting more effective practices and technologies. For organizations, it is a matter of survival. Innovation gives them an effective solution to deal with sectors convergence, technological dynamism and market globalization. For entrepreneurs, innovation is the key factor to overcome market barriers and create new value or new industries. As Peter Drucker (1985, p. 19) stated: « Innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurship, the means by which they exploit change as an opportunity for different business or a different service.».

Fulbright Specialist Program Offers Opportunity to Two GBSN Members

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Cambodia has over 100 universities that offer MBA programs, which has led to an increase in competition and a decline in enrollment at the National University of  Management in Phnom Penh. Aside from standard university rivalry; many companies are establishing similar business programs for consumers (i.e banks offering programs in finance and banking). To differentiate itself, NUM was looking to develop a new Master’s Program in Management & Innovation.  Developing this specialized master’s program was ideal due to vast changes happening in the region and rise of interest in entrepreneurship. GBSN hosted a Cross-Border Coffee Break: Fulbright Specialist Program Offers Opportunity … Read More

Developing Deans: Combining International Best Practice with Innovation

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Business school deans and directors face similar challenges when first assuming their positions: setting strategy, managing risks, supporting faculty, and leading a diverse group of stakeholders. For institutions in the developing world, these tasks require resourceful leadership that combines international best practice with locally relevant solutions. GBSN hosted a Cross-Border Coffee Break on Developing Deans: Combining International Best Practice with Innovation on Wednesday, March 28, 2018. The virtual conversation, led by Rohit Verma, Dean of External Affairs at Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, served as an introduction to the GBSN Developing Deans Program, which is currently accepting applications. The … Read More

Greetings from Guy: Addressing the Management Skills Gap in Africa

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The existence of two organizations illustrates what is wrong with too many academic programs around the world and especially in Sub-Saharan Africa: the National Association of Unemployed Graduates in Nigeria and the Unemployed Graduates Association of Ghana. Such shortcomings can be found also in management education. In July GBSN partnered with the Center for Global Enterprise – created by Sam Palmisano, former CEO and Chairman of IBM – to convene a group of experts at IESE Business School’s campus in New York City to bring their knowledge to the table about the Management Skills Gap in Africa. The round table … Read More

MIT Sloan School of Management welcomes inaugural Asia School of Business class to Cambridge campus; Students meet with former governor of Malaysia’s central bank

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  CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 1, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — As a part of a six-week program in the United States, the inaugural MBA class of the Asia School of Business (ASB), located in Malaysia and established in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management, is visiting the Sloan campus for one month where they will enroll in courses taught by the top-ranked School’s faculty. The ASB students will visit companies in the Boston area and learn about MIT’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Their arrival was marked by a visit with Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, the former governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, … Read More

Greetings from Guy: An African Success Story

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I invite you to join me in celebrating a great African success story. Its central character, Mame Yauto Faye was recently awarded a prestigious Berkeley’s Oasis Award as one of three “women who are changing the Sahel.” The other protagonists are Amadou Diaw, Founder and President of Senegal’s Institut Supérieur de Management (ISM), Eric Guichard, Founder and CEO of GRAVITAS Capital, Michiel Leenders and Louise Mauffette formerly of Canada’s Ivey Business School; Lluis Renart of Barcelona’s IESE Business School; and last but not least, Conrad Person, Michael Bzdak and Rene Kiamba of Johnson&Johnson (J&J), the champions of that company’s Management … Read More

Greetings from Guy: “Management Matters”

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Some years ago I had a conversation with one of the research pioneers in measuring the quality of management across firms and its impact on economic growth. I asked why academics had paid so little attention to what seemed to me a very important issue. My interlocutor laughed and told me how he had presented his research results to an audience consisting about half and half of business school faculty and academic economists. The talk was met with deafening silence, as the economists, believed firmly, as classical theory would have it, that market forces will weed out sub-par managers who … Read More