Are Skills Gaps Global?

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The World Economic Forum recently issued The Future of Jobs Report 2018. The report is based largely on the views of business executives – mainly Chief Human Resources Officers in 20 countries. One of the key questions relates to what the authors call “emerging skills.”

Greetings from Guy: Addressing the Management Skills Gap in Africa

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The existence of two organizations illustrates what is wrong with too many academic programs around the world and especially in Sub-Saharan Africa: the National Association of Unemployed Graduates in Nigeria and the Unemployed Graduates Association of Ghana. Such shortcomings can be found also in management education. In July GBSN partnered with the Center for Global Enterprise – created by Sam Palmisano, former CEO and Chairman of IBM – to convene a group of experts at IESE Business School’s campus in New York City to bring their knowledge to the table about the Management Skills Gap in Africa. The round table … Read More

Bridging the Gap between Academia and Employers’ Expectations

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Are business schools imparting the skills employers need most? In 2003, soon after GBSN was launched, one of the first things we did was question how companies/employers in developing countries rated local business school MBAs. I was then working at the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation, and we leveraged IFC’s extensive network of developing world companies in order to find out. Looking back at the survey results, how do they compare with the most recent data? Azam Chaudhry, then at IFC’s Economics Department, conducted the survey and published a research paper based on the findings. [1] I am delighted to … Read More