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The “un-Conference”

guy_pfeffermann_webWe all have sat through conferences replete with formal statements and endless powerpoint presentations, Appropriately, as it deals with Disruptive Education Models from the Developing World, ours will be a refreshing “Un-conference,” inspired by Lewis Carrroll’s “Through the Looking Glass.” You remember Alice, congratulating Humpty Dumpty for his splendid cravat. The White King and Queen gave it to me, he said, for an unbirthday present. GBSN’s conference includes an Un-Keynote, and even a Mad Hatter Networking Tea (Party) Break. We are proud to boast an innovative un-conference and a ‘not so typical’ agenda, designed to be proactive, relevant and rewarding for all conference participants. The un-conference format creates space that encourages peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity.

I am excited to be part of it. The conference will, actually, drill in on some of the main challenges confronting educators in the developing world. For example:

Do bricks and mortar matter anymore?
How to offer experiential learning at an affordable cost?
How to reach low-income learners, even in remote areas?
How “big data” can be combined with a focus on individual cultural values?

Deans and senior faculty from many countries of high and low-income will discuss, mainly in small groups, how they are going about overcoming these challenges. On the third day of the conference, join us for our Field Site Visit to GK Enchanted Farm- a “voluntourism” opportunity to see social enterprise in action in the Philippines!

This will be GBSN’s 10 th Anniversary conference and our first in the East Asia Pacific region. I feel really excited about it and my colleagues and I are looking forward very much to welcoming you at the Asian Institute of Management, November 4-6.

Guy Pfeffermann is the Founder & CEO of the Global Business School Network