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Top 6 Teams Advance to the Finals Round in The HUMLOG Challenge

After much deliberation over the solution packages submitted, GBSN is pleased to announce the TOP 6 TEAMS who will advance to the Finals Round of The 2021 HUMLOG Challenge. This year attracted 37 teams of 130 students from 21 schools in 16 countries.

In order to improve the systems and processes that predict community resilience, teams were challenged to choose a natural disaster that challenges its local community’s resilience and response system. The identified problem should enable teams to assess the community’s response, preparedness and resilience. The goal is to design solutions that not only address the problem, but also consider culture and environment in the solution design. No problem or solution are too small.

In partnership with the Hanken Schools of Economics‚Äô HUMLOG Institute, the Learners Track features The HUMLOG Challenge, an international virtual competition, focused on developing local solutions to problems related to humanitarian logistics.  

This year, The HUMLOG Challenge is focusing on Community Disaster Resilience. The Covid-19 pandemic has tested communities across the world on preparedness and resilience. Major hazards constantly threaten the livelihoods of the most vulnerable populations across the world. In the context of accelerated climate change and population growth, the current trend of frequent major disasters is expected to increase. To mitigate this trend, increased Disaster Resilience and Community Preparedness is essential to reduce the potential impact of humanitarian crises on the poorest communities who are disproportionately affected by these disasters.

After a week of preliminary judging by the international panel of judges: Dr. Sreerupa Sengupta, Priya Kataria, Garima Ranga, Radhika K R, and Dr. Dan LeClair, we are pleased to announce the TOP 6 TEAMS who will advance to the finals to compete for the first place spot.

Top 6 Finalist Teams


Coventry Business School, UK

Solution Location: Vietnam

Team Members: Duc Toan Nguyen, Oluwadamilola Gbuyiro, Jesse David Mamodu, and Pauline Nalumango

Team Coventry addressed property damage due to extreme flooding in Vietnam by developing a solution of floating houses/shelters!

Team colorado state

CSU College of Business, USA

Solution Location: Mozambique

Team: Emily Bergman, Julia Choolwe Munsaka, Tess Lapray, and Blerinda Veliu

Team Colorado State University addressed local community involvement on mitigation and response for climate-induced natural disasters in Mozambique!

Team Stellenbosch and Los Andes

University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa and Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

Solution Location: South Africa

Team: Tebogo Joseph Molatudi, Juan Pablo Borda Kuhlmann, Diane Meyer, and Waseema Hassen

Team Stellenbosch and Los Andes developed a solution for drought-induced water scarcity in the Xakabantu Informal Settlement in the Western Cape!

MIT Sloan logo

Team MIT Sloan

MIT Sloan School of Management, USA

Solution Location: Puerto Rico

Team: Nick Mitilenes, Keanu Isenring, Valentina Contador, and Juan Pablo Millet

Team MIT Sloan evaluated hurricane damage to the island of Puerto Rico and created a solution of a real time donation system with dollar amount immediately influencing aid!

Team Zen

Sasin School of Management, Thailand

Solution Location: Thailand

Student Team: Jittapat Sirison, Aditya Shrestha, and Shrisha Sethi

Team Zen examined flash flooding in one of the slums in Thailand, developing a solution surrounding a community education program!

Team Real Consulting

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Solution Location: Australia

Team: Rachel Hall, Peiling Lin, Liliana Neame, and Augusto Salhuana Bellodas

Team Real Consulting addressed severe storms in Brisbane, Australia with a solution involving real time storm alerts and QR codes!

These six teams will be presenting LIVE to our esteemed panel of final judges this week. The winner of the overall competition will be announced on Wednesday, November 17 at the GBSN Beyond Virtual Awards Ceremony. All Solutions Packages developed by the student teams can be accessed on the GBSN Beyond Virtual Conference event platform.

Congratulations to all the Teams!!