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AUC School of Business Holds 5th Edition of Annual Business Forum About the Changing Role of Business Schools in Society

The AUC School of Business have closed the curtains on the 5 th edition of the AUC Business Forum, which included two full days of thought-provoking dialogue across four roundtables that featured renowned and distinguished scholars, business leaders, industry practitioners as well as policymakers from Egypt and other parts of the world.

This year’s annual forum brought up timely and relevant issues that related to the changing role of business schools in society and how business and management education needs to transform itself to remain not just relevant, but also impactful to help society face the growing diverse challenges.

Roundtable 1 on “Real Estate Investment in a Challenging Economic Environment” illuminated the path for meaningful growth in real estate, advocating for a knowledge-driven approach to market challenges. Roundtable 2 on “Beyond the Pyramids: Crafting a Sustainable Future for Hospitality and TourismManagement in Egypt” uncovered the potential for a reimagined Egyptian experience, underpinned by skilled professionals and strategic insights. Roundtable 3 focused on the globally trending topic of AI and its influence with the subject “AI Reshaping Business and Society in Egypt”, as the discussion underscored the need for strategic integration of technology, preparing businesses to leverage AI’s transformative power effectively.

Lastly, in the roundtable 4 topic about “Social Impact in Schools for Business” the pivotal role of business schools was reaffirmed in spearheading research and societal impact, urging a shift towards a human-centric philosophy in the era of AI and environmental change. Sherif Kamel, Dean, AUC School of Business, reflected on the event, “Several keynote speakers from Egypt, other countries around the world, from academia, the business sector, civil society and policymakers joined us this year.

Like every year, the collective engagement of these different stakeholders and the input they shared throughout the roundtable conversations are always invaluable to give us directions on where we take our offerings.” Such conversations provide an important platform and act as catalysts for the next steps in advancing research, teaching, and innovation that help equip the business education world for a striving future ahead.