Amy Gillett

How to Inspire Entrepreneurial Thinking in Your Students- by Amy Gillett and Kristin Babbie Kelterborn

6 Ways You Can Inspire Entrepreneurial Thinking Among Your Students An entrepreneurial mindset—attitudes and behaviors that encapsulate how entrepreneurs tend to think and act—enables one to identify and capitalize on opportunities, change course when needed, and view mistakes as an opportunity to learn and improve. If a student decides to become an entrepreneur, an entrepreneurial mindset… Read more >

5 Tips on How to Thrive in a Virtual Classroom

What does it take to thrive in a virtual classroom? At the William Davidson Institute, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to explore this question in the past couple of years, as our Global Virtual Learning Center has been busily running online management programs. Even pre-Covid, we were running many virtual programs — the pandemic put that into high gear. Here are some things that will help students in online programs, based on our experiences.