CFTE & GBSN Collaboration for Financial Technology & Entrepreneurship


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Julianna LaBelle,

Fintech is now worth 38% of the banking industry in terms, a stark contrast to only 3% in 2010 in terms of market capitalization. The digital transformation of finance is happening in every country, and while the core technology and concepts related to fintech are standard around the world, the local context from one market to the next can be quite different.  Awareness of different cultures, market specific regulations and varied financial practices is equally important as understanding the technology itself. In this rapidly transforming environment, it is imperative to keep acquiring new skills and knowledge to stay competitive.

Fintech education is a critical enabler of international development, but it is hardly accessible. Technology is dynamic; continually evolving and developing, as is its application and use within financial services.  For those leading and working in finance, there is a constant need to upskill in order to leverage financial technology and innovate with new products and services.

The Centre for Finance, Technology, and Education (CFTE) and the Global Business School Network (GBSN) are collaborating by strengthening the intersection between business and academia. 


The GBSN Impact Community for Financial Technology & Entrepreneurship is aimed to make global content locally relevant through three core objectives:

Increase access to fintech education, including courses and experiential/project-based learning

Build content (including cases studies and simulations) and capabilities (faculty development)

Advance local fintech knowledge and impact on practice

Our collaboration will achieve these objectives by focusing on three key activities:

  1. FinTech 360 Business School Partnership Program
    • Collaborative program through which faculty can create and delivery fintech education
  2. GBSN/CFTE FinTech Impact Community
    • Advance and accelerate the development of education in fintech in business schools
    • Members of the impact community are leading fintech initiatives, such as centers and programs, at GBSN member schools. 
  1. Events and Special Initiatives
    • Advance and accelerate the development of new insights and research in fintech by building connections between business and academia
    • Host events, challenges, learning collaborations and more

About the Centre for Finance, Technology & Entrepreneurship

Next-gen technological advancements in Finance are disrupting traditional business roles, but they are also opening new gateways to more advanced opportunities. CFTE strives to help new-age professionals reimagine the role of technology through education, so they are equipped to reinvent finance 2.0. The courses they offer reflect the changes occurring in the industry including FinTech megatrends such as blockchain, machine learning, API’s and Big Data. Their mission resonates with every learner’s goals that wishes to rapidly advance in their career, to lead their next digital innovation project or even to drive the disruption in finance by building their own venture. They bring exclusive insights from leaders that are steering the developments in the financial sphere, from global CEOs to disruptive entrepreneurs.With CFTE, you won’t just learn what’s in the books, you will live the experience by grasping real-world applications. More Information

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Schools are not required to join GBSN for individuals to participate. Participation in the group is meant to be inclusive. Individuals interested in joining the Global Business School Network for Financial Technology & Entrepreneurship should complete the online sign-up form below.