Leaders Track

Taking you BEYOND business, the Leaders Track is designed for professionals who lead organizations  in academia, government, business and civil society who are interested in cultivating talent needed to tackle today’s problems and collaborative initiatives that deliver solutions. Through the month of October, leaders can leverage their perspectives, share resources, information, best practice and collaborate to explore possible solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

The Leaders Track features a series of Impact Roundtables, where leaders will have an opportunity to share programs an initiatives that illustrate community impact for the Going Beyond Awards.

Leaders Track Opportunities

Featuring: Impact Roundtables

The Leaders Track features a series of roundtable events in which top leaders present entries for the Going Beyond Awards, which celebrates programs and initiatives that embody the spirit of GBSN Beyond: Facilitating cross-disciplinary thinking and collective action to develop sustainable solutions that not only tackle societal problems, but also cultivating local talent and developing tomorrow’s leaders.

Deans + Directors Convening

Closed space for top leaders to convene, exchange, discuss and listen.

Associate Deans Only Convening

Closed space for university leaders to convene, exchange, discuss and listen.

Leading with Purpose

Sessions that offer a structured place for leaders to collectively get to work.

Health and Well-Being Activities

Its not all business, these sessions will be designed to bring a human element focused on self care and well-being.

Impact Roundtables + Going BEYOND Awards

The Going Beyond Award is designed to highlight institutional programs or initiatives that illustrate community impact, embody the spirit of inclusive and sustainable development and represents the spirit and values of GBSN Beyond. Institutions from across the globe are invited to submit an entry for the Going Beyond Award. Qualifying entries describe programs that have demonstrated positive impact on society BEYOND the traditional degree programs offered by institutions and academic research published in journals. 

Leaders from institutions submitting qualifying entries will be invited to deliver short presentations about their institution’s great work at an Impact Roundtable. This open sharing process will involve not only other Leaders presenting, but also an audience of leaders from business, civil society, and government. Consistent with GBSN’s vision and mission, winning entries will demonstrate one or more of the following values:

  1. Empowers and enables people – GBSN is especially interested in programs targeting people who have been historically excluded from management education and development activities. For example, programs targeting people in developing countries, vulnerable populations such as refugees or low-income neighborhoods, rural communities without basic infrastructure, etc.
  1. Catalyzes inclusive and sustainable development – the program has a direct positive impact on society beyond helping learners to find jobs or insights that can be shared from a published article. GBSN is especially interested in programs that benefit business in a way that fosters sustainability and approaches beyond the narrow view on short-term profit making and shareholders.
  1. Demonstrates contextual relevance – GBSN believes that learning is most effective when it is contextually relevant. The program or initiative should have special meaning within the context most relevant for the learners. For example, the programs can show how content is localized and/or leverages peer-to-peer learning and builds-in context-specific experiential learning.
  1. International connectivity – From the start, GBSN believes global connectivity can support local development. Describe how the program creates value through international connections, whether it be through GBSN or other means. 

General Information

  • Written entries must be received before October 15.
  • Schools must identify presenters and secure one of 10 slots available for each roundtable session. Each roundtable lasts 60 minutes and takes place on zoom. All GBSN Beyond participants will be invited to these sessions.
  • The narrative must be written in English, should not exceed 1200 words, and must include one “cover” photo or graphic that the school has rights or permission to use. A limited number of charts and graphs are permitted as part of the submission. 
  • The number of roundtable sessions scheduled will depend on the number of entries.
  • The roundtables will be recorded with video for use for judging and potential use in conjunction with the Awards.
  • The sessions will feature a brief introduction and will include one networking session.
  • Attendees at each roundtable will include speakers and, hopefully, other leaders from education, business, civil society, etc.