GBSN Beyond FAQs


How do I log into Hubb for the first time?
  1. From the login page, click on Username/Password: 
  2. Enter your email address as the Username.
  3. Enter your newly created password as the password.
  4. Click the login button.
How do you create a password?
  1. Click on “click here” in your invitation email to access the event portal.
  2. Click on Username/Password link
  • You may need to acknowledge you have read and accept the terms and conditions by clicking “I Accept“, and then click on “Username/Password.”
  1. Create your password, confirm your password, and click Register button:
How do I edit or update my profile?

Click here.

How to add a session to a personal calendar?

In addition to adding sessions to your schedule in Hubb, you can save those sessions to your e-mail client’s calendar as well. Click here

How do I use attendee to attendee chat?

One of the highlights of any event is the ability to network and connect with other attendees. Now you can chat one on one directly within the event site, too! Click here.

Resetting your password

Resetting your password is fairly straightforward, however there are some nuances depending on your account status. Follow the steps here to reset your password.

How to join a live session as an attendee

While attending an event, you may use virtual web-conferencing applications to attend live sessions. Click here.

How to book a meeting

Hubb knows that part of an event is connecting with other attendees, experts, and more! You can schedule a meeting in a variety of ways. Click here.

Accessing Speaker/Session Uploaded Materials

Often speakers like to include session resources that are available for download. This article will walk you through how to gain access to those documents.

Schedule an attendee meeting

Time to schedule some meetings! Meetings are a great way to get to know other attendees and industry experts.This article will go over how to book an Attendee Meeting.

Become available for meetings on the community page

The ability to connect and engage with others is one of the most important benefits of attending an event. Hubb’s meetings tool offers a powerful and intuitive way to connect with sponsors, experts, and other attendees. As an attendee you can schedule meetings with others, and make yourself available for others to schedule meetings with you. 

In order to make yourself available for meetings, you must configure your privacy settings on your profile page to allow others to view your profile, and be able to schedule meetings with you. Click here.

Evaluate the sessions you attend

Hubb’s evaluations tool is a great way to share valuable feedback about sessions you attend, and events in general.  Please note that depending on the choices your event administrators made for evaluation setup, you may have different options available when completing evaluations.

Moreover, in order to evaluate a session that is eligible for evaluation, you need to have added the session to your schedule, and have attended the session.

Click here.

How to set chrome as the default web browser

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox are the web browsers we recommend to use for an optimal experience when using Hubb’s products and services. When setting Chrome as a default web browser, any link you click on will automatically be opened in Chrome. To begin, if Google Chrome is not downloaded on your system yet, download and install Chrome.

Supported web browsers

All Hubb’s products and services are fully web-based, designed to be used in web browsers. These are our supported system configurations.

Browsers and Operating Systems

In general, if your operating system allows you to use the latest version a browser, Hubb is fully supported. For optimal results, we recommend you keep both your operating system and web browsers up to date.  Our supported system configurations are:

Supported Operating Systems:Supported Browsers (latest version):
Windows 7+Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Chrome(Hubb does not officially support Internet Explorer)
Apple Mac OS 10.10+Firefox, Safari, or Chrome
Android 6.xFirefox or Chrome
Apple iOsSafari Browser Only


View the dashboard

Looking for nitty-gritty details about your event? 

Take a look at your dashboard! It will be the first thing you see when you log in to the event portal. Click here.

View and edit sessions as a speaker 

As a Speaker you have the ability to make changes to your sessions your session. 

Please note that sessions can be locked by event Admins (notice the lock icon above), which will prevent non-Admin users from editing the session. If you are a Speaker, and you see the locked symbol, you will not be able to edit the session. Click here.

Upload a session resource as a speaker

Please note: The maximum file size is 1.8 GB. Click here.

Uploading a user resource

This article will show you how to upload a user resource, such as a speaker agreement form, release form, or formal speaker headshot. Please keep in mind that these files do not appear in the Schedule Builder and are for admin use only.

Submit requests for your session

Are you ready to submit a request for your session? This article will teach you how to use the Session Requests tab to submit answers to session request questions.

Speaker reports

Once your session is over and users have submitted evaluations, you will have access to this data. Click here.

How to manage and embed video in your sessions

Click here.


Setting Up Your Booth

How to preview your sponsor booth

Want to check out what your virtual booth space looks like before the event? Hubb makes it easy to preview your sponsor booth, right in the sponsor portal. Click here.

Updating your company information

If you ever need to make updates to your company profile in Hubb, you can do so in the Sponsor & Exhibitor portal. Click here.

Uploading a company resource

This article will teach you how to upload a resource or logo to a specific Company. This feature is available within the Sponsor & Exhibitor module

How to upload a video to your booth

Visiting a sponsor or exhibitor booth can be a fun and engaging experience for an attendee. One way to add some excitement to your booth is by uploading a video.

Accepted video files include MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, and FLV. Maximum video size is 1.8Gb.

Click here.

How to upload multiple videos to a sponsor booth

A sponsor booth can only have one video loaded to the player on the page. However, you can upload more videos for attendees to download and play in a separate window. This article will help walk you through how to do just that.

Staffing Your Virtual Booth and Attendee Interaction

Joining live chat in a sponsor booth and live chat features

Hubb knows the importance of Sponsors needing to connect with Attendees. With live chat enabled in your booth, you will be able to network and ask questions about the company.

To login to chat within a Sponsor booth, you must first be logged in and able to navigate to the company’s booth.

To do this, first login to the Hubb site, and make sure you are on the Schedule Builder module. Navigate to the Sponsors page. Click here.

How to find zoom credentials and login into a Zoom booth as a sponsor

Hubb knows the value of connecting with attendees as a sponsor or exhibitor. For our virtual events, we have made this easy by providing you a virtual booth through Zoom.

Our best practice for using Zoom is to use the Zoom desktop client which you can download by clicking here. Click here.

Enable waiting room sound notifications in Zoom

To enable sound notifications when participants enter a Zoom waiting room, please follow the steps outlined. Click here.


How to access Zoom reports as a Sponsor

As a sponsor or exhibitor, accessing Zoom Reports can be an important tool for determining how attendees are engaging with your booth.

Please note, Zoom reports are accessed through the Zoom Website ( and not accessible through the Zoom client app on your computer. For more information, please visit: Getting Started with Reports. Click here.

Reports for Sponsors

Hubb knows the value of connecting Sponsors with Attendees, and the reports found in your Sponsor portal will be a great resource for learning more about those that interacted with your booth. Click here.

Sponsor & Expo: Individual Sponsor Report

The ‘Individual Sponsor’ report is only available to users with the Expo role in Hubb. Click here.